Unless electricity is produced at a very low cost, its use for heating residences or large buildings is not practicable. It has however quite a field of usefulness in the heating of small offices, bath rooms, cold corners of rooms, electric cars, etc., and is often used in rooms which cannot be reached by steam or warm-air pipes.

Electricity 100021

Fig. 17.

It has the special advantage of being instantly available, and the amount of heat may be regulated at will.

The heaters are perfectly clean, do not vitiate the air and are portable. They are usually arranged in sections so that the amount of heat can be regulated as desired. They are made up of resistance coils embedded in asbestos or some other form of non-conducting material.

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Fig. 18.

Fig.. 21, 22 and 23 show different forms of electric radiators; Fig. 22 is designed especially for car heating.