In bathroom - one 15 by 19-inch straight back, accessible overflow basin, with brass plug in bowl, operated by rod outside of basin (approved pattern). Bolts and nuts through rim of basin. Top of basin ground. Heavy low-down pattern compression-cocks, disc handles; 1/2-inch iron-size brass supply pipes; 1 1/2-inch deep-seal S-pattern trap; plain brass brackets of design approved by Architect.

Marble slab to be Italian of best quality, highly polished, and of size and shape as shown on plans, with back 12 inches high.

Slab to be 1 1/4 inches thick; back, 7/8 inch thick.

Brasswork to be nickel-plated.


In bathroom - one 5-foot guaranteed-quality, enameled-iron, 3-inch roll-rim bath, flat bottom, approved pattern, with 3/4-inch heavy combination compression-cock, disc handles, 3/4-inch supply pipes, l 1/2-inch connected waste and overflow pipes, and plug and chain. Outside of bath to be finished by painter. To waste through 1 1/2-inch bath trap set in floor.