The plumber will make proper connections from point 10 feet outside of building, with a drain, by 5-inch iron pipe.

Just inside house wall, place a 5-inch running trap with two cleanouts; and 5-inch fresh-air pipe from house side of trap to a point not less than 15 feet from building, opening one foot above ground, with return bend.

Continue drain 5 inches in diameter under cellar wall, and connect the various soil and waste pipes with same.

The trap on main drain must be placed in an accessible brick manhole, with 8-inch walls, and covered with stone or iron cover; and the drain pipes must be laid in a brick trench with stone or iron cover.

Set, where shown on plans, lines of 4-inch soil pipe, or 2-inch &8226; waste pipe, as necessary, with proper connections to receive the various fixtures. Carry pipe through roof, and one foot above same, increased one inch in diameter from a point below roof; ends above roof to be left free and unobstructed.

For each line of fixtures, set a 2-inch pipe, with fittings for the various vents. Connect into soil pipe below lowest fixture, and at top well above highest fixture.

All water-closets are to have 2-inch local vents of nickel-plated copper connected to 3-inch spiral galvanized pipe, and carried to chimney, as directed by Architect. All joints in pipes, to be soldered tight.

Under refrigerator, place a copper-lined box 12 by 8 by 6 inches. Carry 1 1/2-inch lead waste pipe from box to basement, with end turned up so as to form a water-sealed trap and capped with light flap valve, to waste into sink or other receptacle provided for the purpose.

Fixtures. - Water-Closet. In basement - one washdown closet, with metal outlet of approved pattern, and with oak seat (no cover) attached to bowl with heavy hinges. Plain 12-ounce copper-lined siphon tank, cast-brass gooseneck, valve, high-pressure ball-cock, iron brackets, chain and pull, and 1 1/2-inch brass flush-pipe. Brass-work to be polished.

In bathroom - one siphon-jet closet, with water-covered outlet connection between earthenware and waste pipe; 1 1/4-inch cherry seat and cover, with heavy hinges, attached to bowl. Cherry service box tank, 8 gallons' capacity, brass brackets, high-pressure ball-cock, and 1 1/2-inch brass flush-pipe. Brasswork to be nickel-plated.