Varnishes dry much more rapidly out of doors than within, so that it is practicable to use more elastic and durable materials. The conditions, in fact, are so severe that the best are not good enough. In the first place, do not use any filler on exterior work; it will probably crumble and come out. Do not use shellac; as an undercoat exposed to the hot sun, it will soften and blister. Use only the best spar varnish, such as is made for varnishing the spars of yachts; fill the wood with it; sandpaper lightly between coats, just enough so that each succeeding coat will take hold well; finish with a coat well flowed on; and leave it with its natural gloss, which is more lasting than a rubbed surface. This is the treatment for hand-rails, outside doors, inside blinds, windowsills and jambs, and everything exposed to the direct sun. Handrails and outside doors should be refinished every year; varnish will not last on an outside door more than one-twentieth as long as it will on an inside door. Never use interior varnish for outside work.