The student is required to draw freehand the following sketches, utilizing the information he has obtained from the Plates included in the foregoing section, and is to be particular to render the drawings so as to indicate a clear understanding of their proportions and of the character of the carving and ornament.

These sketches are to be laid out in perspective as described in the foregoing section on that subject; and are to appear when complete, as the model given in Fig. 110. A quarter-sheet of the same paper used for the other examination plates may be employed for these sketches.

These perspective studies are to be made by the student at the time when he is studying the separate Orders; and they should all three be carefully studied together, when the last one is completed.

Plate L

A sketch of the Roman Doric Order shown in perspective similar to Fig. 110. The outline size is to be 8.V by 12 inches

Plate M

A sketch, in perspective, of the Roman Ionic Order, using any one of the styles shown in the foregoing section, and arranged in the same manner and at the same size as in the preceding Plate (L), using Fig. 110 as a model.

Plate N

A sketch of a Roman Corinthian Order, employing any of the types shown and arranged in the same manner and at the same size as Plates L and M, above.