Furnace smoke pipes range in size from about 6 inches in the smaller sizes to 8 or 9 inches in the larger ones. They are generally made of galvanized iron of No. 24 gauge or heavier. The pipe should be carried to the chimney as directly as possible, avoiding bends which increase the resistance and diminish the draft. Where a smoke pipe passes through a partition it should be protected by a soapstone or double perforated metal collar having a diameter at least 8 inches greater than that of the pipe. The top of the smoke pipe should not be placed within 8 inches of unprotected beams nor less than 6 inches under beams protected by asbestos or plaster with a metal shield beneath. A collar to make tight connection with the chimney should be riveted to the pipe about 5 inches from the end to prevent its being pushed too far into the flue. Where the pipe is of unusual length it is well to cover it to prevent loss of heat and the condensation of smoke.