The fact that the Egyptian religion made Osiris a personage who was said to have suffered, died and been made ruler over the departed, cannot but lend an added beauty to our theory that Orion is but an emblem of the Christ in many ways. He is apparently striking the huge serpent that we see fastening to his heel, and is in close proximity to the celestial tree. In accordance with the scriptural story of Eden, this starry picture is very plain; for was not a promise of like nature given to man in the text which says, "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel." (Genesis iii:15.) It would certainly be a fitting memorial to place this sublime picture in the heavens as commemorative of Eden's great drama. Here it would endure through time as A Perpetual Reminder Of That Grand Promise Given to human kind. Also, we believe there is a more material value to be placed upon this starry picture relative to the Edenic period, in the destiny of the world. An analogous connection may be proven between this region of the stars and the governing laws of the universe, which will add much to its beauty.

The various cosmic designs of the ancients, which were intended as a key to knowledge of the universe, and which show a common origin, have very evidently been taken from the region of Orion. The inter-locked triangles, which are, perhaps, the most important feature of the design, are seen in the arrangement of those stars which outline the small Pyramid in Orion; this arrangement is not difficult of detection.

Though In The Figure Of The Starry Pyramid, all details are not seen therein, yet so many are in evidence that there can be little doubt as to this region being the source of such designs. The top of the Orion Pyramid constitutes the triangle with the apex upward, while the other triangle, which has its apex downward, is not difficult to define. The starry arrangement at the feet of Orion crudely suggests that part of the design emblematic of the Abode of Evil, corresponding with the value placed upon the Subterranean Chamber of the Pyramid. Immediately above his head and located in the Galaxy, we see an oval or egg-shaped object which is apparently the Starry Counterpart Of The Egg Of Brahma, and is fairly well defined, although by stars of lesser magnitude. Upon an exceptionally clear night it is not difficult to find, and greatly resembles a wreath. A little farther north, and also located in the Galaxy, we see another object which is but the starry counterpart of the upper triangle, symbolizing Deity and the Unknown; it is a small triangle which is quite well outlined, being united with The Pyramidal Group In Orion By a streamer of stars. The fact that this star-band unites the east side of the small upper triangle with the same side of the Pyramid will, we think, be found to have its value with respect to the figure as a whole, where it was believed one side only radiated rays.

A close study of the designs would bring us to the conclusion that the upper triangle, or the one with its apex upward, being symbolic of fire, is associated with the upper or northern hemisphere, not only of the earth, but also of the heavens; the one with its apex downward, a symbol of water, is a representation of the southern hemisphere of both the earth and heavens. The minute upper triangle then, must indicate The North As The Abode Of Deity.

This theory is really in accordance with our present knowledge, not only of Evolution, but of Geology, Palaeontology and those other sciences which bear upon the subject, for they point to the north as the beginning of life, and land surface. It will readily be seen that the figure, as a whole, is aligned in such position as to make this theory tenable, since the small triangle marks its northern extremity, and The Symbol Of The Abode Of Evil Its Southern Limit.

We believe that it is true to its name and a key to the cosmogony that the ancients worked out ages ago, being perhaps the result of millenniums of deep study. It is undoubtedly true that it will profit us to heed, somewhat, the teachings of the Egyptian in regard to cosmogony. We believe the Galactic ring divides the heavens into two hemispheres, which correspond to the upright and inverted triangles. The Galactic ring seems to be identical with Homer's "Ocean Stream," and the true south is identical with the Abode of Evil, or the House of Hades, Odys. XI. The different cosmic designs were derived from a common source, and that source was evidently the one named above, or the region of Orion. When we recognize In This Figure A Symbol Of The Christ, what beauty and import it all lends to this region of the heavens, and how fitting it seems to consider this region, most brilliantly set with bright stars, the "Golconda" of the skies!.

The northern intersection of the Galaxy with the belt of the Zodiac appears to constitute a gigantic cross in the heavens, which apparently was recognized as such by many of the ancients, since we find that Many Of Their Sculptured Objects Resemble Very Closely the figure which Orion presents to one's view, when in conjunction with it. We would cite as an example of such, a pillar found at Palenque. It represents a man standing with his back to a cross, the arm of the cross being slightly above his head. Several other objects are also sculptured upon it. This figure is analogous to the starry figure in question, for their position relative to the cross is the same.