The Egyptian Conception of the heavens was certainly one of wondrous beauty, judging by what we detect of it in her symbolism, for we find that this symbolism was derived almost entirely from the starry figures. In most of it we can see that they had recognized the value or the meaning intended, although they applied the same more in the abstract than in its real import to man, The non-fixity of the stars should Not Constitute Refutation of weight in re the theory in hand, for, although it is a fact that they are known to be eternally changing their positions, yet those whose speed and distance from us have been crudely determined are so far removed from us and each other, that there would be very little alteration in the starry figures during the brief time man has existed upon the earth. It is not reasonable to suppose that these figures would eternally be maintained in the heavens, while on the other hand, science now states that the universe is a growth, and, as a whole, must eventually yield to chaos from which condition it had its origin in the dawn of time.

It is quite an authenticated fact to-day that not only do the stars move in what are called "Star Drifts" Or "Star Streams," i. e., in the same general direction and apparently in symmetrical order, but that they are now known to move also in groups or flocks much like a flock of birds. Thus Prof. Kapteyn has determined one stream as moving from a point in the constellation Lepus toward a point near the brilliant first magnitude star Vega in Lyra, while the other is moving in an almost opposite direction, or that apparently they are drifting through each other. He has determined these two great star streams as embracing the great majority of the more conspicuous stars, while others have determined the fact that some of them are moving in analogous order or in collective groups. Thus their order is not so disorganized and heterogeneous as has been heretofore supposed and constitutes a very decided and interesting support to these findings.

Since most of the symbolic forms and representations show a remarkable resemblance to their starry counterpart in the heavens, they of themselves readily constitute proof of the apparent continuity of the stars; for, in most cases, such objects are reproduced almost in detail. We need not doubt the age of These Relics of a past civilization since they show in many ways their extreme antiquity.

In this age of intense investigation of everything that may reveal more definitely the earlier history of mankind and the world, we cannot neglect any clue that shows promise of result. In the figure feature of the heavens and the very evident conception of it as demonstrated by the remains of bygone ages, we believe ourselves to have a "key" to a better understanding not only of ancient Egypt but also of other early nations. Perhaps in a more Thorough Study Of The Subject greater light will be thrown upon the hieroglyphic language of early America, and possibly, a complete revelation of the same will follow, and, as a result arrive at the true value of each of their symbolic forms. This line of research certainly merits our most earnest endeavors, and, we believe, will amply reward our efforts.