There have been many among the learned men of the age who have advanced a belief in the more material value underlying the arrangement of the stars than has been commonly accepted in our present allegorical star-figures, yet they seem to Have Neglected To Prosecute a thorough investigation and research upon this line. There appear to be those, who, through the ages of the past, and even at the present time, have possessed a considerable knowledge of this feature of the heavens, although retaining such knowledge in inviolable secrecy from the rest of humanity. Why a thing of such beauty and import should be kept from all but a favored few, we cannot well understand, for there is that in the study which leads us to believe that it will prove a great aid in Fathoming The More Materialistic Secrets of the universe. In many cases it appears to go hand in hand with the physical characteristics of the heavens. This is especially true in regard to the two great rings of the cosmos that are the Galaxy and the Zodiacal belt.

We do not doubt that in the early ages of the world there were secret orders of various kinds and individuals who, through the fruits of centuries, and perhaps millenniums of progress and study upon this line, had attained to sublime heights of knowledge, although of a more primitive form than our modern branches of learning. Some may have been well versed in wonderful sciences of which we know nothing at present. We certainly believe that there are sciences asleep in the bosom of nature more wonderful than any with which we deal so commonly to-day. There must needs be powers, lying dormant in nature, which if discovered would out-rival electricity, steam or any of those with which we are familiar. Hence the possibility that the ancients had in their possession knowledge and powers transcending any that we possess to-day. Israel's Shepherd King apparently had none of the instruments which make the study of Astronomy so easy to-day, yet he had evidently read The Fundamental Secrets Of The Heavens, since we have his statement that "the heavens declare the glory of God." (Psalms xix:l.) This same knowledge, although in varying stages of perfection, appears to have been a common possession of the ancients, yet they seem to have applied it in a great variety of ways.

If we must recognize any value whatever underlying the arrangement of the stars, there must, of necessity, be a real one attached to each group, and this certainly seems to have been the intention of the Great Architect Himself. Hence, where we recognize identity of groups with Sacred Writ, we may safely consider it proof sufficient to place the subject in hand upon a firm basis of reality, and beyond any question of doubt, for there certainly can be no higher appeal than to Him who designed the starry structure of which we treat.

These allegorical star-figures, by which the different constellations are designated upon our present Astronomical charts, we Owe Principally To The Early Greeks, while a few of them are oi comparatively recent naming and design. The Greek, in his turn, is believed to have borrowed many of them from the Egyptian, although changing their identity somewhat. Those of which we have determined the real value show, in some cases, a symbolical figure utterly foreign to that by which they have been designated heretofore, while some of them are true to their allegorical names. The former are greatly in the majority, and, in most cases, differ widely from their Astronomical cognomen. If the constellations have a name, that name must, of necessity, be the one intended by the Creator and Closely Identical With The General Characteristics of the grouping. This we find to be the case in those groups the real value of which we have been able to determine. We have discovered the true figure of so many that the detection of the rest should be but a matter of time.

Not only do we recognize evidence of analogy between the configuration of the stars and Early Architecture And Symbolism, but, we believe, the effigies and circles of standing stones are also closely identified with them. In fact, we believe, in time we shall find that this feature of the heavens will explain much which has proven an enigma in the study of early and prehistoric peoples, for when we find it closely related to the symbolism and ruins of one nation of antiquity, it is but reasonable to conclude that it may have occupied as prominent a place among others. The circles of standing stones are found not only in eastern countries, but in the Americas, and are identical in many respects. Those in England are almost an Exact Copy Of Those In The New World, and both must have had a common origin. That origin, we believe, will prove to be the rosette figures which we see among the stars.

Many practices of the Indian Medicine Man appear to point to an intimate knowledge of the arrangement of the heavens and its value. There are several peculiar objects which were a part of his accoutrements, grotesque of form and dress, that had apparently celestial derivation, and we believe him to have known more than he chose to communicate. In fact, there are many peculiar customs and practices extant among the Indian tribes, which point to a Profound Knowledge Of The Heavens, and which will, when we have made a more thorough study of the subject, explain much and shed an altogether new light upon these people.

It has been remarked that one cannot study the stars and not sense the ennobling effect this study has upon the human race. Whether we may credit it to this cause or not, we well know that there are many traits in the Indian character which we might well emulate, and that in many respects, they are a noble race.

Had the heavens been looked to for a solution of early religious beliefs and symbols, we need not have waited these long centuries To Determine Their True Value.

Instead of a collection of meaningless and incongruous deified forms and idols we would have presented to our view and comprehension a system which, for order and real beauty, would rival any of those existent to-day. Of course, many of the religious beliefs and ceremonies were attended with barbarous practices which eliminate much of the beauty and significance of their customs, yet, as a whole, such are outweighed by the more beautiful Fundamental Truths Underlying The System.

Many of the religious beliefs have been characterized generally as mere worship of the heavenly hosts and the forces of nature without regard to value or reality. This view of the subject would be the natural conclusion judged by outward appearances alone, and as a result the real beauty of the system has escaped attention. It does not appear strange to us that many of the early nations detected those Sublime Markings Upon The Face Of The Heavens, written there by their Creator, and have crudely interpreted them in their several ways. This feature of the heavens illuminated the mythology and religious beliefs of the northern European races. We believe this will be found especially applicable to the part that a tree has played in their beliefs. We find the tree not only in the religious belief of ancient Egypt, but in all other nations of the Orient. We well know what a prominent place it occupies in Christianity.