The Zodiacal constellation Taurus, or the Bull, that immediately adjoins Orion upon the north and west, is represented as the forequarters of a Bull apparently climbing out of the water. The region immediately surrounding Aquarius has been commonly termed the "Ocean of the Sky," perhaps on account of containing so many constellations named from aquatic sources. Such a cognomen is certainly In Accordance With Many Of The Characteristics of the region other than that just named. It does not appear strange then, that the dead were supposed to make use of a boat in passing through this region of the heavens; hence the "Boat of the Dead".

In the group Taurus and immediately facing Orion, we see a gigantic tree outlined, which is the source from which the dead was supposed to obtain food or fruit when he entered the realms of death. This object is very well marked and has its base near the upper end of the belt of Orion, while the top embraces the Hyades and head of the Bull. The Pleiades, as we shall show later, are now known as the Little Dipper, and apparently identify that object with the goddess who was believed To Appear From The Side Or Top Of The Tree to supply the applicants with the necessary food to enable them to pursue their journey. The cow goddess, who could be prevailed upon at times to carry the suppliant dead upon her back, and thereby greatly facilitate his journey by bearing him through the air, we see also in this group; hence, as we shall find later, the form of the dipper was recognized as an emblem of that goddess. It was believed that by securing the services of the cow goddess in this way, the journey could be made more quickly and safely; and in many of the pictorial representations, the dead, together with his double, is seen riding upon the back of the cow, while making his way to the realms of light or the "Lands in the West".

In a more thorough study of the subject it will be seen that some groups have had, in some cases, two or more separate and nonanalogous symbolic systems derived from them. This is especially true of that region of the Zodiac from Aquarius to Libra, for we recognize there Many Symbols Of Both Creation And Death, or the end of time. This will prove quite simple of explanation, since we know that the cyclic destiny of the universe will end where it started. The year apparently ends where it had its inception a twelve-month prior, and the year of the cosmos might be but the ultimate of the same. The same group then has been deified in more than one form, in accordance with the various offices it was supposed to fill in heavenly arrangement. We note also that the symbolical configuration of the stars that Embraces The Region From The Zodiacal Crossing Of the Galaxy in Taurus and Gemini, to the point where it again crosses the Galactic ring in Cassiopeia and Scorpio, has been given a local as well as a progressive and ultimate value, both in regard to the individual and to the human race collectively. It is very evidently emblematic of the life course of the individual, and, at the same time, of the human race as a whole. In a study of Egyptian belief, in the light of this solution, we shall certainly find that their deities were a well ordered arrangement of Astronomical facts and laws, and not, as heretofore has been believed, mere personifications of a childish fancy.