Since We know that Royalty only was honored by interment in the Pyramids of Egypt, and that this Royalty was supposed to be de-scended from the god Osiris, such facts will constitute very considerable proof of our theory, in view of the evidence we shall now present. The beautiful and brilliant constellation Orion was seen by the Egyptian as Osiris in one of his forms, and embodies that arrangement of stars which certainly was the source of his earthly descendants' most honored form of tomb, the Pyramid. Those stars which are known popularly as "The Arrow Head," together with the attendant stars, will upon examination be seen to outline not only a small pyramidal object, but The Interior Arrangement Of The Great Pyramid Itself. Although all details are not seen therein, yet sufficient are in evidence to constitute, of themselves, a proof of our statement. Now it will be noted that Egyptian Royalty was sculptured in most cases with the dress kirtle designed in pyramidal form, which is not without its significance in support of the above statement. By extending the Belt of Orion we have one side of the Pyramid, while the other is not a difficult thing to find. The Belt of Orion is a well known object in this constellation, and not difficult to locate, since the three stars constituting it are of equal magnitude and almost an equal distance apart, as well as being in straight line. This constellation has invariably been seen as that of a gigantic being, threatening in posture and advancing along the sky. The general contour of the grouping, as a whole, presents a figure to our view that is fully in accord with the beliefs of the early peoples. It is represented upon our present charts as an imaginary foe. This group is located at The Northern Intersection Of The Galaxy with the Belt of the Zodiac, and is not difficult to find, since it is marked by so many brilliant stars and considered more elegantly set with the jeweled orbs of space than any other region. The interior arrangement of the Great Pyramid we see not only in the small pyramid in Orion, but also in those groups which adjoin him on the west. A somewhat well defined stream of stars unites the pyramid in Orion with the well known streamers of Pisces, and constitutes the starry descending passage-way to the division in the constellation Pisces, or where the ascending passage-way of the Pyramid branches upward. The lower streamer and fish, where they terminate upon the borders of Aquarius, very evidently symbolize the termination of the lower passage of their earthly counterpart, for we believe the Constellation Aquarius To Symbolize The Subterranean Chamber of the Great Pyramid. The upward terminating passage would then have its starry counterpart in the upper streamer and fish of Pisces. The upper or northern fish we see as an oval-shaped object much resembling the Grand Gallery, and which is very evidently that part of the figure; for we find that its upper end or mouth, as it were, which is seen with the celebrated Nebula of Andromeda in it, is in its turn joined to an object which would typify the the King's Chamber, and which is outlined in the group Cassiopeia and the attendant stars.

Cassiopeia, in its turn, is united by a somewhat well defined stream of stars which is not difficult of detection, with the symbolic eye-figure which the Egyptian saw in the Polar group Ursa Minor. The eye-figure in Ursa Minor is also joined with the head of the Great Bear or Ursa Major, by a star band. Their representation of this figure is seldom seen without showing the appendages with it, and its identity with this starry figure is easily established in many ways, as will be shown later. The Polar group presents a remarkable resemblance to the human eye, and as such the ancients saw it. This starry pathway Crosses The Galactic Ring In Cassiopeia, and that section of it uniting that group with the polar constellation appears to typify the one air shaft which unites the King's Chamber with the outside of the Pyramid. It also symbolizes the flight of the ransomed soul to the realms of bliss, since the air shafts were really for the use of the soul.

The Queen's Chamber should be located somewhere in proximity to the starry objects delineated in those stars which lie between Cassiopeia and Perseus, and including a por-tion of both these groups. Its southern end would be joined to the lower end of the upper fish by several bright stars seen there, and the well known star cluster in Perseus would adorn' the other end of the figure, much in the same manner that the Nebula of Andromeda does the upper fish of Pisces.

Five of the brighter stars in the lower fish and the edge of Aquarius mark The Entrance To The Subterranean Chamber, while the Chamber proper extends west and south from it and embraces the major portion of the group Aquarius. A streamer unites the Chamber with Capricornus farther west. These markings upon the face of the heavens are quite distinctly outlined on any clear night when the groups in question are in view. The constellation figure designated as Aquarius upon our present charts is that of the water-bearer with a a bowl from which he is pouring water. The bowl is quite well defined and is a naked-eye figure, and has very evidently been the source of much of the symbolism relative to Egyptian head-dress, especially the neck and shoulder adornment. It is identified with the god Anubis in some of his forms, perhaps as receptor and caretaker of the dead. All of Their Deities Appear To Have Borrowed the neck and shoulder portion of the figure. This object has been deified as Osiris. His head sometimes ornaments the prow of the "Boat of the Dead." It is in conjunction with this object that we detect the "Boat of the Dead." This head figure delineates the prow, while the remainder of the object embraces the triangular figure of the constellation Capicornus and extends farther west. It much resembles the head of a bird and has apparently been associated with some of their bird-headed deities. The real figure of Anubis is outlined in the constellation Pegasus, by an object much resembling the form of his head as seen worn upon the feet in the manner of a shoe. The forelegs of the winged horse constitute the ears, while the nose and rest of the head lie farther east and comprise the major portion of the area of that group. This object is quite well outlined and not difficult to find upon an exceptionally clear night. The constellation Pegasus, since it is located at the dividing of the ways in Pisces, seems to be a Judgment Symbol In Many Ways, for the four principal stars therein compose the Great Square of Pegasus, and one corner is also marked by the figure of a great phial. This group is represented upon star charts as the forequarters of a winged horse, and the Zodiacal group Pisces by two fishes united by means of ribbons, which join directly underneath the constellation of the Ram or Aries. The group Cassiopeia is represented as a throne with the Queen of that name sitting upon it.