The Pyramids are popularly believed to have been constructed as a tomb for Royalty, and located in the midst of cemeteries, as a rule. Mummies of the dead have been found in some of them, while those containing no body or evidence of such use having been made of them are believed to have been rifled of their contents by robbers searching for treasure. Although we concede that These Monumental Structures Were Intended As Tombs For Royalty, yet on the other hand, we believe the idea to have been derived from a study of the heavens, as will be shown later; and that they are a symbol of time from its inception until it shall be no more. The Arabs who, it appears, know the real secret and import of these strange relics of a former age, have been known to remark that "Time marks the Pyramids, yet, on the other hand, the Pyramids mark time," which, in the light of our present knowledge, we consider to be well founded.

There was a tradition extant among the Egyptians that a Shepherd Stranger From The East Dictated The construction of the Great Pyramid, much in the manner as Moses did the Tabernacle of the Jewish nation. This personage was thought by some of our authorities upon Egyptology to have been none other than the scriptural Mel-chizedek, to whom the Patriarch Abraham resorted for instruction and priestly service. Whether or not there is any truth in this legend, The fact remains that there are many features relative to the Great Pyramid that appear foreign to the other Pyramids, though the others may have been but a crude copy, or of possible prior construction. The Great Pyramid is believed to have been constructed at or before Abraham's time, and such theory would agree very well with the above mentioned tradition.

The pyramidal structure has been found in various places throughout the world, both in its true and modified forms. It is found In The Mississippi Valley In The State Of Mississippi, in Mexico, in Central America, in Peru and many countries of the East; yet we consider them all a derivation from the same source, and that source was very evidently the heavens, as we shall show later. The beliefs associated with them by different nations where these structures existed, will be found to agree in most respects; especially in that feature of the symbolism which treats of the routes taken by mankind in the destiny of time. We believe that there were few of the ancient nations but recognized these sublime markings among the stars, even though their representations and symbols of the same vary greatly. We cannot but believe that a thorough study of the mythology of the Norsemen together with that of the early peoples of the East, in the light of this feature of the heavens, will reveal a wondrous beauty underlying the more congruous aspect. What of beauty and starry romance will it not add to the mythology and tradition of the early Indian races of the Americas! It seems that we waited these long centuries to rediscover that which our primitive forefathers enjoyed ages ago, or a feature of the heavens which is sublimity itself in its scope and real beauty.