The division of floor space here into rooms and thoroughfares should receive careful attention. The rooms are likely to be used for bedrooms; possibly the family sitting room may be here. If so it should be near the front stairs, and the bath room should be accessible but somewhat removed from the front. It is very desirable to separate the bath room and the water closet.

Placing Of Furniture

The surest way to be certain that the bedrooms have wall space for the furniture one expects to place in a bedroom is by representing these various articles of furniture by bits of paper at the same scale as the plan, and placing them about the room. Care should be taken about the position of the door that it be not so placed as to expose the bed whenever it is open. Light and air should be obtained by windows on two sides if possible, or by use of transoms. Ample provision should be made for closet space, at least one in each bedroom; one in the hall for the weekly supply of linen, and a store room for the bed coverings.