Read Carefully

Place your name and address on the first sheet of the test. Use a light grade of paper and write on one side of the sheet only. Leave space between the answers for the notes of the instructor. Use your own words and answer fully Read the lesson paper a number of times before attempting to answer the questions.

1. Name the points to be considered in the construction of the house.

2. What devices for fire protection are there? 3. Define stud, sill, plate, girder, rafter.

4. What kind of floor for living room do you prefer? Give reasons for your preference.

5. Where should the decoration of a room begin?

6. What do you consider the most important factor in the furnishing of a room?

7. What principles should govern in the selection of the furnishing and furniture of a room?

8. Give a scheme for color and furnishing of a living room (15x25 ft.) with low ceilings, west and north exposure, varnished hard pine for its wood.

9. Give color scheme for a kitchen with covering for walls and floor and the location of the essential furniture.

10. What can you say of draperies? ii. Give the distinguishing characters of some of the best known types of chairs.

12. What seems to you the greatest difficulty in the care of the house? Why?

13. What do you regard as essentials in bedroom furniture and furnishings?

14. Suggest changes in the house most familiar to you which could be made to advantage and at small expense.

15. What suggestions have you to offer concerning household conveniences?

16. Are there any questions you would like to ask relating to "The House"?

Note. - After completing the test, sign your full name.