All curtains are unavoidably collectors of dust, but this objection may be minimized by their being hung simply on poles without the needless and dangerous addition of heavy and insecurely-fixed cornices with heavy fringes, which it is impossible to dust; while in drawing and morning rooms, nothing can surpass for convenience, elegance, and cleanliness, the pretty Indian curtail made by stringing short pieces of bamboo.

Venetian blinds are objectionable,as they collect dust, which is removed with difficulty, and are complicated and always getting out of order. Florentine Minds, as they are called, are preferable for excluding the direct rays of the sun without interfering with the air and view, or still better, the Helios, consisting of several broad canvas louvres adjustable at any angle by a crank arrangement The "tropical revolving blinds", devised by Mr. D. Radclyffe for shading plant-houses, are equally applicable to domestic use, and, like the Indian matting blinds which they nearly resemble, give a soft light and free passage to the air. permitting a good view from within, but not from without, thus securing the same privacy as if they were opaque.