Carry 1/2-inch lead-pipe 6 lbs. per yard to the urinal, and fit to same a 1/2-inch brass tap with loose iron handle, and wrap the pipe where exposed with hair-felt. Floors of Closet and Urinal. - Form these floors with cement concrete as before, 5 inches thick, and finish with a 1-inch coat of cement and finely-crushed spar (1 to 2) trowelled to a smooth surface, the whole to be laid to fall to the channel in the urinal.

Internal Urinal. - Remove the existing iron urinal, and provide and set a white-enamelled fire-clay trough urinal 3 feet long, and fit up from it a 1 1/2-inch drawn-lead Strap and l 1/2-inch lead waste-pipe 14 lbs. per yard through the external wall to the gully below; take from the trap a 1-inch anti-syphonage

Fig  704  View of Duckett's Slop water Closet pipe 9 lbs. per yard through the external wall. Fit up to the urinal a 1/2 inch lead pipe 6 lbs. per yard with 1/2 inch brass screw  down tap.

Fig- 704 -View of Duckett's Slop-water Closet pipe 9 lbs. per yard through the external wall. Fit up to the urinal a 1/2-inch lead-pipe 6 lbs. per yard with 1/2-inch brass screw -down tap.

Internal W.C. and Bath-room. - Remove the existing bath, cut the existing lath-and-plaster partition and make good to form new doorway, and form new w.c-.-room by means of 3 1/2-inch by 2-inch studs fixed 12 inches from centre to centre with all necessary fillets, and braced once across.

Cover the new partition on both sides with laths and gauged stuff quite down to the floor, finished smooth, and make good all damages done to old plaster.

Fig 705   Plan of Old Bath room and W.C. A, soil pipe; C, cast iron gutter receiving soil and rainwater

Fig 705 - Plan of Old Bath room and W.C. A, soil-pipe; C, cast-iron gutter receiving soil and rainwater.

Fig. 706. Plan of New Bath room and W.C. B, soil pipe and ventilating pipe.

Fig. 706.-Plan of New Bath-room and W.C. B, soil-pipe and ventilating pipe.

Fix 7-inch moulded skirting on both sides of this partition and elsewhere in the rooms as required, similar to the existing skirting.

Break out the stonework and brickwork to form window-opening in Dew w.c, size 2 feet 6 inches by 5 feet, form the external reveals with the old wall-stones after drafting the angles, and the internal reveals with old brick-: provide and insert 13-inch by 6-inch tooled weathered sill, 6-inch by 9-inch tooled head, and 9-inch by 4-inch red-deal lintel.

Insert new 2-inch moulded wishes doubly hung with iron weights, white lines, and brass-bushed iron pulleys, in frames with 1 1/4-inch pulley stiles, loose beads, and 3/4-inch casings, and finish inside with 1-imh bottom with rounded nose, 3/4-inch linings, and 3-inch moulded architraves; provide and fix one brass-headed screw sash-fastener.

Glaze the lower sheet with 1/8-inch pale straw-coloured muffled glass, and the upper with 21-ounce sheet glass, all bedded in good putty.

Bed the window-frame outside in mortar, and point with oil mastic

Provide and fix a 1 1/2-inch blind-roller with lath, rack, pulley, brackets, etc Continue a 3/8-inch lead gas-pipe from an existing pipe to the new w.c.-room. and provide and fix a 1/2-inch embossed bracket with block, burner, union, etc.

Refix the bath, altering the sen-ice and waste pipes, etc., as required, and make good all woodwork, plaster, &c

Ventilate the trap of the lavatory-basin by means of a 1-inch lead-pipe 9 lbs per yard carried through the adjacent wall.

Cut the existing combined waste from bath and lavatory, and alter as required to discharge over a new rain-water head at C3; and provide and fix a stack of

2-inch cast-iron rain-water pipe with head and anti-splash shoe, all fixed to the wall with Law's patent ears.

W.C.- Remove the existing w.c, soil-pipe, etc, and thoroughly clean and disinfect the soil-gutter [shown in Fig. 700, page 398].

Provide and fix one Shanks's patent "combination silent closet and cistern" complete, and connect the outgo with the iron branch of soil-pipe by means of neat Portland cement, which must be painted two coats of oil-paint after it has hardened for fourteen days; fit up to the cistern a 1/2-inch lead supply-pipe 6 lbs. per yard.

Soil-pipe. - Provide and fix a 4-inch cast-iron soil-pipe and ventilating pipe of 1/4-inch metal with bend and heel-rest at foot, junction and branch for closet, and double bend to pass the eaves-trough at top, all to be coated with Angus Smith's solution and fixed to walls with ears, and to have the joints made tight with tarred gasket and lead.

Paint the soil-pipe two coats after fixing. Fix at the top of the soil-pipe a galvanized-wire cage.

Sinks. - Continue the waste pipes of sinks in kitchen and scullery through the adjacent walls, so that they will discharge over the new gullies.

Provide and fix in counter of bar an oval tinned-copper sink with 1 1/4-inch brass plug and brass chain, l 1/4-inch lead S-trap, and 1 1/4-inch lead waste-pipe 10 lbs. per yard to the gully C3

Flagging:, etc - Relay the old flags and sets after re-squaring and boasting where necessary, with all joints thoroughly flushed with cement mortar (1 to 3), and provide all new stones required.

Fig. 707   Section of Shanks's Combination Silent Closet and Cistern.

Fig. 707 - Section of Shanks's Combination Silent Closet and Cistern.

Holes. - Cut or drill all holes required for waste-pipes, soil-pipes, water-pipes, drains, Ac, and make good afterwards.

Fixing. - Fix all lead-pipes with all necessary wiped joints, holdfasts, unions, Ac., and all woodwork with all necessary plugs, grounds, nails, screws, glue, etc., whether these have been distinctly specified or not

Making Good. - Make good all damages done to the existing plastering, slating, masonry, brickwork, joinery, glazing, Ac., during the progress of these works.