Paint all ironwork two coats before and two coats after being fixed with good oil colour, finishing to selected tints, and black all latches, hinges, grates, etc.


Knot, stop, prime, and paint in three coats of good oil colour to selected tints all external and internal woodwork usually painted. All,joinery, such as window and door frames, which is to be built in is to be previously primed.

Ceilings And Walls

Twice limewhite all ceilings, and the walls of scullery, w.c, coals, and larder.

Touch Up

Touch up all work at completion.


Glaze the small square of front doors and doors between kitchen and scullery with muffled glass properly sprigged, puttied, and back puttied.


All windows to be glazed with 21 oz. second quality sheet glass properly puttied and back puttied.

Walls To Be Stopped

Walls to be stopped, and prepared to receive papers.


Hang walls of bedroom with paper value gd., and wall of parlour, kitchen, staircase, and passages with paper value 1s. 3d. per piece. Size and twice varnish the paper to kitchen, staircase, and passages.