Eaves Gutter

Provide and fix to eaves, including verandah, 4 1/2 by 3 1/2-inch cast-iron moulded eaves gutter of approved section, with red lead joints, fixed to requisite falls to fascia, and with all necessary angles, junctions, outlets, and stopped ends.

Rain-Water Pipes

Provide and fix where shown on roof plan 3-inch cast-iron heavy section rain-water pipe fixed to walls or to piers with all necessary swan necks, shoes, etc.

Provide and fix where shown on foundation plan and sections, 4 by 3-inch rolled steel joists, with ends cut and pinned to wall.


Provide wrought-iron anchors, one to each pin, to hold down verandah roof.

Chimney Bars

Build in over chimney openings 3 by 1/4-inch cambered and caulked chimney bars 2 feet longer than the opening.

Roof Bolts

Provide the necessary roof anchor bolts specified in Carpenter.