{Contributed by George Highton)

The extent and varieties of builders' plant are so very considerable that it is necessary, for easy reference, to formulate the most important of them. In the following chapters it will be seen that the necessary builders' plant is dealt with according to the "grade" of building operations. In this way reference can more readily be made.

The arrangement is made in three classes. In Class A there will be found the necessary plant required to conduct the business of a jobbing builder, or one who chooses to speculate or to build small works under contract. In Class B will be described the extra requirements in builders' plant necessary for use in works of moderate size. In Class C it will be observed that the further plant needed for the very largest works is included.

The materials required for builders' plant, such as planks, boards, shoring timber, quarterings, boarding, etc., depend upon the constant or immediate requirements of the builder, and are not dealt with as " Necessities."

It is, however, desirable that most of the plant referred to as "Necessities" in the following chapters should be at hand or "in stock," although circumstances may arise when the "hiring" of some of them will suffice to meet a temporary necessity.

The importance of sound and durable plant cannot be too strongly urged. Poor, meagre, and defective plant is a bad sign, and very frequently not only prejudices the prospects of a builder in the eyes of the observant architect or surveyor, but leads to accidents which might otherwise have been avoided.

The present chapter deals only with the necessary plant for small or jobbing work included in Class A.