All lead to be the best milled lead.

Flashings - Flashings and aprons throughout to be 4-lb lead flashings 6 inches and aprons 12 inches wide, neatly stepped as shown.

All flashings to be grooved into brickwork or under half timber and wedged. Make good the plastering to same.


The gutter and valley gutters to be 5-lb. lead, 18 inches wide and turned up at ends.

Cover the flats shown on roof plan and sections with 16 gauge Vielle Montague zinc, properly dressed over 1 1/2-inch rolls, etc., as required, turned up under lead ridges at side and end, and all left water-tight and perfect.

The ridges to the flats over bedroom to be of 6-lb., lead to match galvanised-iron ridges in width, etc., properly secured to Architects approval, and dressed zinc over-work to flats.

To remaining ridges and hips, provide and fix to approval best stout galvanised-iron ridging.


Lay on water from the main to the house with 3/4-inch galvanised-iron pipe, and supply and fix as directed on bearers already specified No. 2 200-gallon tanks with approved ball-cock and valve complete, and overflow taken through wall. Provide and fix stop-cock on main where directed.

Cover the trays under cisterns with 4-lb. lead well turned up at edges, and take overflow from same through wall.

Take water from tank in 3/4-inch galvanised-iron pipe as before to bath, lavatory basin, water-waste preventers, sink, and one point in yard and two points in garden, and provide and fix over sinks and to points in yard and garden approved brass screw-down taps.

Fix to w.c. in house and in yard w.c. apparatus with flushing cisterns, etc., complete, provided by Proprietor, and include for profit.

Fix sinks provided by Proprietor, and trap the outlet with 2-inch trap, and connect to drain.

Fix in bathroom bath and lavatory basin provided by Proprietor. Trap the outlets to bath with 2-inch, and to lavatory 1 1/2-inch, as before, and connect to drain with enamelled-iron pipes, and continue same above roof as ventilator.

Provide and fix four cast-iron enamelled soil pipes with leaded joints connected to w.c. apparatus, and carried up as ventilators to height shown and required by sanitary authorities, and finished with wire-domed top.