The existing examples of municipal offices as a whole can hardly be considered to be particularly good, and generally speaking do not reach anything like the standard of the provincial buildings of the same character in England.

Town Halls Municipal Offices Etc 357

Fig. 313.

There is little difference in the general planning and arrangement, as the ordinary requirments of municipal business are practically similar to those in English cities, with the exception that provision must be made for native pay and pass offices. These require to be more or less attached to the Treasurer's Department, but require separate entrances. Separate sanitary accommodation for natives is, too, usually required.

Town Halls Municipal Offices Etc 358

Fig. 314.

The Municipal Regulations with regard to hall exits, staircases, and fireproof construction are as stringent here as elsewhere, and their provision of the utmost importance. Crush spaces to halls and open loggias are, too, very necessary.

Cape Town has a town hall and municipal offices of considerable magnitude lately completed, but of little architectural merit or suitability; whilst Durban has an immense pile of buildings in course of erection, of both constructural and architectural interest.

Johannesburg, however, affords the opportunity of the future, and a competition is already mooted for a pile of buildings suitable for its present and future importance and population.