Land And Water

"The Beginner's Guide to Photography. Anyone who had never taken a photograph in his life could go to work with confidence with this guide by his side."


"'Beginner's Guide to Photography.' (Messrs. Perken, Son and Rayment, 99, Hatton Garden, EC.) This is a very practical guide, in which useful advice is given how to buy a camera, and how to use it. Any beginner would be able to learn from the instructions given how to take a photograph."


'"Beginner's Guide to Photography.' (6d. Perken, Son and Rayment, 99, Hatton Garden.) This is a valuable and cheap little book, which all tyro-amateur photographers would do well to peruse carefully before investing in apparatus, as they may thus save considerable expense."


"'Beginner's Guide to Photography,' showing how to buy a camera and how to use it. (Messrs. Perken. Son and Rayment.) This is a useful little book, probably the cheapest published. but at the same time satisfactory as a concise guide to amateurs. It contains practical hints on apparatus, and clear explanations of the methods of taking and developing photographs, on enlarging and on reducing, on the producing of lantern slides, and instructions on the materials required. It is illustrated, and may be recommended to any beginner."


"' The Beginner's Guide to Photography,' Perken, Son and Rayment, 99, Hatton Garden, London, E.C. This little manual is one of the most clearly written beginner's books in the market. If any of our tyro readers want to pick up a few wrinkles they find a wonderfully lucid instructor in the ' Beginner's Guide."

Building News

"Architects desirous of becoming their own photographers will do well to invest in the sixpenny 'Beginner's Guide to Photography,' published by Messrs. Perken, Son and Rayment, of 99, Hatton Garden. It is the most complete and practical cheap handbook of the art we have seen."


"'The Beginner's Guide to Photography,'(6d. ; Perken, Son and 'Rayment, Hatton Garden) is a remarkably useful little volume which gives to the amateur photographer brief and concise directions, without those confusing technicalities which characterise most works of a similar nature."

The Morning News

"' Beginner's Guide to Photography. - This work has been favourably mentioned by those organs of the English Press most capable of forming an opinion of its merits. He who reads may photograph. The publishers are Perken, Son and Rayment, of 09, Hatton Garden, London."

The Academy

"'Beginner's Guide to Photography,'(Perken, Son and Rayment.) There are many more expensive books published on photography that do not contain half the real practical advice that is to be found in the hundred pages of this little guide. It can be safely relied upon by the novice, and covers his requirements from his first purchase of an outfit till he is far advanced in the art."


"'The Beginner's Guide to Photography ' (Perken, Son and Rayment, 99, Hatton Garden, E.C) is one of the best and most comprehensive works of instruction to the art of manipulating photographic apparatus that we remember to have come across."

Sporting Times

"One of the best 'Guides to Photography' is Perken, Son and Rayment's, published at sixpence. It really is cheap. You have a description of apparatus, a description of taking a photograph, development, printing from the negative, expenditure, and goodness knows what. Send to 99, Hatton Garden, you photographic beginners. Don't forget the stain;


"The 'Beginner's Guide to Photography' (Perken, Son and Rayment), by a 'Fellow of the Chemical Society,' is a useful little manual for amateur photographers. It contains brief and concise directions for taking, developing, and printing the negative, while there is a valuable article on that bugbear of all amateurs- Exposure,' by Mr. A. S Platts, containing some exceedingly useful exposure tables "

Daily News

"Under the title of the 'Beginner's Guide to Photography,' by a 'Fellow of the Chemical Society,' Perken, Son and Rayment have published a useful handbook for all interested in the art of photography. An article on 'Exposure,' and some carefully compiled exposure tables, by Mr. A. S. Platts, must be of value to all amateurs."

St. Stephen's Review

"'Beginner's Guide to Photography,' published by Perken, Son and Rayment, 99, Hatton Garden, London.-The fashionable art science, Photography, is most explicitly set forth without the confusing technicalities employed in most works on this subject. The difficult matter of ' Choice of Apparatus ' has a chapter devoted to it, in which the special advantages of each kind of camera and lens is detailed. Altogether this book may be said to be of the greatest value to all who practise photography."

Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic

"The 'Beginner's Guide to Photography.'-With this title a six penny book has been published by Messrs. Perken, Son and Rayment, of 99, Hatton Garden, which we find both simple and practical. By following its instructions carefully the amateur will save much disappointment in the sense of blurred pictures, and much expense for spoilt plates."

Morning Post

"The 'Beginner's Guide to Photography' is one of the best works on this popular and fascinating art yet published. The author thoroughly understands his subject. Messrs. Perken, Son and Rayment, Hatton Garden, are the publishers."

Whitehall Review

"'Beginner's Guide to Photography.' (Perken, Son and Rayment.) - This is an excellent treatise which all amateurs who have taken up photography as an amusement should peruse."

Army & Navy Gazette

"Messrs. Perken, Son and Rayment send us the second edition of their 'Beginner's Guide to Photography,' a plain and practical handbook as to how to buy and use a camera, with many particulars concerning lenses and other matters, for which the publishers are celebrated as makers."