Court Journal

"Messrs. Perken, Son and Rayment, one of the largest and most popular makers of photographic apparatus, publish a most useful little work entitled, ' Beginner's Guide to Photography,' in which the several operations of taking, developing and printing the photograph are described with great clearness, and in a manner suitable to those who are handling a camera for the first time. While those who have not yet provided themselves with the necessary apparatus cannot do better than peruse the valuable chapter on * The Choice of Apparatus,' and patronise this firm for their purchases."

Jeweller & Metalworker

"'Beginner's Guide,' published by Messrs. Perken, Son and Rayment, of 99, Hatton Garden, at the small sum of six pence. It is a work which can be relied upon, and the language of it is easy of comprehension, a great merit in works of this description."

Illustrated London News

'The 'Beginner's Guide to Photography,' published by Messrs. Perken, Son and Rayment, of Hatton Garden, treats clearly and concisely of the apparatus and requirements necessary to engage in the delightful pastime of photography, and will be found most useful to amateurs."

Lady's Pictorial

"'Beginner's Guide to Photography.' (Perken, Son and Rayment, 'Optimus.') Revised and enlarged edition, 6d. It is clear and explicit, quite free from unnecessary and confusing technicalities. I can safely recommend this little work to any of our readers who contemplate taking up photography."

English Mechanic

"'Beginner's Guide to Photography.' Messrs. Perken, Son and Rayment, of Hatton Garden, have issued a second edition of this useful little work, which has already reached a very large sale."

British Journal Of Photography

"'Beginner's Guide to Photography ' (second edition.) London : Perken, Son and Rayment. This useful little work opens by giving directions concerning the selection of apparatus, which having been obtained, the tyro is instructed in the manner of using them. By easy stages he is conducted through the taking of a negative, printing from it, enlarging it (if such be desired,) or making lantern transparencies therefrom. Film negatives and photo-mechanical printing processes, photo-micrography, carbon and platinum printing are also described. The language employed is simple and the instruction sound."

Amateur Photographer

"'Beginner's Guide to Photography.' We have received the second edition of this useful guide, which, we understand, has been revised and enlarged by Mr. E. J. Wall. Some 16,000 copies of this guide have been circulated. To the beginner it will be found of great service."


"'The Beginner's Guide to Photography.' (London: Perken, Son and Rayment, 1888.) This is a second edition, revised and enlarged, of an elementary guide for those commencing the art of photography. In it will be found practical hints as regards the choice of apparatus, and a good explanation of the whole process of photographic manipulation, written in a manner which for beginners leaves nothing to be desired."

St. James's Gazette

The Beginner's Guide to Photography.' issued by Perken, Son and Rayment, will be found valuable by those embarking in this delightful art."


"'The Beginner's Guide to Photography.' (Perken, Son and Rayment.) We can heartily recommend this little book to our readers, for it is concise and clear, and contains exactly what all beginners must want to know. So many ladies go in for photography in these days that this small. handy volume ought to have a great run, and be extensively bought."

Pictorial World

"'Beginner's Guide to Photography.' Under this title, Messrs. Perken, Son and Rayment, of Hatton Garden, have issued an admirable little work on photography. It is most comprehensive; and. although intended for beginners, there is much valuable information for advanced amateurs.'

United Service Gazette

"'Beginner's Guide to Photography.' (Perken, Son and Rayment, 99, Hatton Garden, E.C.) The second edition, revised and enlarged by E. J. Wall, comprehends the most recent improvements. including film and paper negatives, and photo-mechanical printing processes. It is an elementary work of instruction which we would strongly recommend the many officers now taking up photography to read."

Chemist & Druggist

"'Beginner's Guide to Photography.' Perken, Son and Rayment. 6d. This is a useful and practical little volume, showing how to buy the camera and how to use it. Everything is explained in a very simple and clear manner, and the 'guide' contains numerous formulae." ____

The Camera

"'Beginner's Guide to Photography.' (Published by Perken, Son and Rayment, Hatton Garden.) We have received for review a new edition of this handbook, which has been enlarged by additional chapters upon films and paper negatives and photo-mechanical printing processes. The book is well written, and the various processes are described with both clearness and precision. We understand that this work has had a large sale, and no doubt, now that it has been brought up to date, the number of its readers will very much increase."

Glasgow Herald

"Messrs. Perken, Son and Rayment, London, have published a ' Beginner's Guide to Photography,' which should prove very useful to any who may be thinking of taking up this most fascinating amusement."

The County Gentleman

"'Beginner's Guide to Photography.' Perken, Son and Rayment, 99, Hatton Garden, E.C. We cannot do better than recommend the perusal of the ' Beginner's Guide to Photography,' which describes in a remarkably clear manner all the necessary operations for producing negatives and printing from them."

Press Opinions

Third Edition. Beginner's Guide to Photography, 6d

Literary Opinion

"The art of photography is now so common a recreation and amusement with literary and artistic people that we make no apology for directing our reader's attention to the new and revised edition of the ' Beginner's Guide to Photography.' The work is written by a Fellow of the Chemical Society, and is published by Messrs. Perken, Son and Rayment,

-of Hatton Garden."