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PRESS OPINIONS. - "The Magic Lantern:

Its Construction and Use."

Illustrated London News, January 4th, 1390

"For the entertainment of young folk at Christmas holiday evening parties, the magic-lantern is the most powerful instrument, which has been vastly improved by modern science and skill. An instructive little sixpenny book, written by a Fellow of the Chemical Society, the author of 'The Beginners Guide to Photography,' is published by Messrs. Perken, Son, and Rayment, of Hatton Garden. It explains, clearly and precisely, the construction and use of this ingenious optical apparatus, and the advantages of the new and improved magic lanterns, which ought not to be ignorantly or carelessly handled. They seem to be a; superior to those which were familiar to the childhood of people now rather elderly, as is the naval artillery of the present day to the ship-guns of Trafalgar."

ILL. Sporting & Dramatic News. January 11th, 1890

"The Magic Lantern its Construction and Use. By a Fellow of the Chemical Society.-• Messrs. Perken, Son, and Rayment, of 99, Hatton Garden, publish at sixpence, a little volume, uniform with their treatises on photography and electricity, which deals very lucidly with the subject of the magic lantern. The principles which regulate the construction of magic lanterns, simple and complex, and the methods of illumination, including the preparation of the limelight, are detailed in a way to enable anyone with the most moderate aptitude for scientific matters to master the subject without difficulty."

Morning Post, January 18th, 1890

"Messrs. Perken, Son, and Rayment publish a little manual on 'The Magic Lantern, its Construction and Use.' It explains the numerous improvements which have recently been made in this popular optical instrument, as well as the operator's duties while exhibiting the pictures. Many other matters connected with the use of the lantern, whether for pleasure or educational purposes, are included.

English Mechanic, January 1st, 1890

"'The Magic Lantern.' - Messrs Perken, Son, and Rayment have issued a cheap and useful manual of the magic lantern, explaining the principle of its construction, describing the various forms, and giving directions for its use. All who wish to have a lantern and learn how to manipulate it will find the information required in this handy book.

Army & Navy Gazette, January 11th, 1890

"At this season of the year many amateurs are in search of hints as to how to manage their magic-lanterns. They cannot do better than read an admirable brochure, The Magic Lantern, its Construction and Use. which Messrs. Perken, Son, and Rayment, of Hatton Garden, have just published. Its instructions are exceedingly simple, lucid, and direct. No amateur following them need hesitate to make use of the oxy-hydrogen or other similar light, and can scarcely fail to succeed with his Lantern.'

Amateur Photographer. January 17th, 1890

"The Magic Lantern, its Construction and Use," is the name of a convenient little handbook published by Messrs. Perken, Son, and Rayment. It deals with the subject of single lanterns with oil lamp;, of the limelight and method of making oxygen, of bi-unial and tri-unial lanterns, and the making and colouring of slides. It also deals with the application of the spectroscope to the lantern, and with the apbengescope. A beginner will find it a valuable help.

British Journal Of Photography, January 10th, 1890

"Received. - "The Magic Lantern : its Construction and Use," published by Perk , Son and Rayment. A handy manual, a useful feature in which is a price 1 ca alogue of the numerous lanterns and fittings connected therewith sold by the publishers."

The Sporting Life, December, 28th, 1689

"'The Magic Lantern, its Construction and Use,' is the title of a clever little manual published by Messrs. Perken, Son, and Rayment, 09, Hatton Garden, A perusal of the so and and practical advice contained in its columns should enable one to "build" a lantern of his own, the "tip" being obtainable at the small cost of six pennies."

"FIGARO," January 4th, 1890.

'At this season of the year a little volume called ' The Magic Lantern, its Construction and Use,' published by Perken, Son, and Rayment, 99. Hatton Garden, will be found extremely useful. It contains a great deal of technical information, and is abundantly illustrated. I do not quite see how anyone who is starting 'the most popular of optical instruments' can do without it. Some excellent hints are given at the close as to the tools which it is necessary for the owner of a lantern to possess."


The Sporting Life December 28th 1689



Press Opinions -Intensity Coils: How Made And How Used

English Mechanic

"In the preface it warns us that it is not put forth as a scientific exposition of e matter; yet, for all that, many of the explanations are clear and good, and rections for experiments easily to be followed."

Electrical Engineer

"'Intensity Coils : How Made and How Used.' By Dyer. Sixteenth Edition. London: Perken, Son and Rayment. A book that has reached a sixteenth edition, and which has been before the world for many years, must contain information that is wanted. The Ruhmkorff coil has become one of the most interesting piece* of apparatus in electrical engineering in its comparatively recent development] known as the transformer. This book shows very clearly the historical views held about the coil, and from the amateur constructor's point of view is most valuable, in that it explains clearly how to make and how to use a coil. A great many lecture experiments are described."