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'"Intensity Coils.' By 'Dyer.' London : Perken Son and Payment, 99, Hatton Garden. 1s. This is one of those valuable little popular manuals which convey a sound elementary knowledge of an important subject in a concise manner. It describes the principal batteries, deals fully with making coils, and illustrates their use by numerous experiments. There are in addition brief explanations of the electric light, the telegraph, telephone, phonegraph, etc."


"'Intensity Coils.' This is the title of one of the publications of Messrs. Perken, Son and Rayment, of Hatton Garden. It is a " beginner's guide to electricity," describing the way to make batteries, bells, coils, electric light, telegraphs, phonographs, telephones, etc. It is already passing through its sixteenth edition, or the 123th thousand. One of the merits of this brochure is that it does not require an expect to understand it."

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"Messrs Perken, Son and Rayment, the sixteenth edition of 'Intensity Coils, being a beginner's guide to electricity, describing the way to make batteries, bells, coils, electric light, telegraphs, phonographs, and so on."


"'Intensity Coils.' Perken, Son and Rayment, 99, Hatton Garden, E.C. This forms one of the firm's well-known publications, and is a sort of beginner's guide to electricity, describing the way to make batteries, coils, lights, bells, telegraphs, telephones, phonographs, etc."

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"The induction coil has now come into such general favour, and is used for such varied purposes as a medical instrument, a means of scientific research, and an amusing toy for winter's evenings, that several treatises have lately appeared, describing the best methods of its manufacture and management. The object of the little work before us is explained in the following manner in the preface :-

"What is an intensity coil ? How does it differ from other coils? How is it made? What will it do ? These and similar questions are being continually asked, and to furnish intelligible replies to them the following pages have been written It is not a scientific that is here offered to the public, but simply the necessary instructions that those Who want to make or use intensity coils desne to obtain."

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"'Intensity Coils.' By 'Dyer' (Perken, Son and Rayment). When a handbook, as for instance the one now demanding attention, retains its position for nearly a quarter of a century, few will be Inclined to dispute the contention that it is a work possessing considerably more backbone than the generality of such publications. The present book was first published in the year 1867, and it is now in is l6th edition. In is pages will be found, given In an eminently readable form, much that will serve to instruct the young idea concerning the electric light, the telephone, the microphone, and other wonders which, more or less, are associated with the great American inventor, Edison. With all the confidence we displayed when twenty years ago we noticed the first edition, we can heartily commend this handbook to the notice of our readers as a publication which will be of mi vice to all persons ' engaged in the interesting experiments about which ' Dyer' has so much to say."

Photographic Publications

The Photographic News

A [Weekly Record of the Progress of Photography. Published every Friday, price 2d.

Instruction In Photography

Capt. AbneY, C.B., R.E., F.R.S. Eighth Edition corrected to date, considerably enlarged, and profusely illustrated. Price 3s. 6d., per post, 3s. 10d. "The standard manual of the English photographic practitioner."

Photographic Primers

By same Author. No. l.-NEGATIVE MAKING. Price 1s., per post, 1s. l-½d.

The Art And Practice Of Silver Printing

By H. P. RoBinson & Capt. AbNey, C.B., R.E., F.R.S. Price 2s. 6d., per post, 2s. 8d.

Recent Advances In Photography

Being the Cantor Lectures for 1882. By Capt. Abney, R.E., F.R.S. Reprinted with additional matter, from the Journal of the Society of Arts. Price 6d., per post 6½d.

Burtons Modern Photography

Comprising Practical Instructions in Working Gelatine Dry Plates. By Prof. W. K. Burton, C.E. Seventh Edition, very considerably enlarged. Price 1s. per post, 1s. 2d.

Optics For Photographers

By Prof. W. K. Burton, C.E., Author of "Burton's Modern Photography," "Burton's Note-Book for Photographers," etc, etc. Price 1s., per post 1s. 2d.

Burton's POCKET BOOK FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: Including, the usual space for Notes, etc, with Tables for Facilitating Exposures. Price, paper covers, 9d., per post 10d.; cloth, 1s., per post 1s. 1d.

A Casket Of Photographic Gems

A Collection of 500 Dodges,

Receipts, Entertaining Experiments. etc, in connection with the Art of Photography and its branches. Collected, classified, and arranged for ready reference, by W. Ingles Rogers. Price 1s., per post 1s. 2d.

The Art Of Photographic Painting

By A, H. Bool, Price 1s., per post 1s. 1d.

The Handbook Of Photographic Terms

An Alphabetical arrangement of the Processes, Formulae, Applications, etc., of Photography for Ready Reference. Compiled by William HeigHway. Price 2s. 6d. per post, 2s. 8d.

Practical Portrait Photography

A Handbook for the Dark Room, the Skylight, and the Printing Room. By the Same Author. Price 1s., per post 1s. 1½d.

Photographic Printer's Assistant

By the same Author Price 1s., per post 1s. 1d.

Esthetics Of Photography

By the same Author. Being Hints on Posing and Lighting the Sitter. Price 1s. per post, 1s. 1 1½d.

Elementary Lessons On Silver Printing

By W.M. Ashman. Revised and reprinted from the Photographic News, with additions to date. Price 1s. 6d., per post 1s. 8d.

Enamelling And Retouching

A Practical Photographic Treatise, By P. Piquepe. Price 2s. 6d., per post 2s. 8d.

Photo-Micrography Or How To Photograph Microscopic Objects