It is not always appreciated - even by the experienced Home photographer - that Outdoor Photography, in common with other sports such as Aeronautics, Beagling and Cricket, has its own distinctive dress. Some people (e.g., the late Thomas Carlyle) have an innate flair for appropriate photographic dress. Others, and it is to these that my remarks are primarily directed, could obviously do with a little kindly guidance in the matter. Pausing but a moment to cast a disapproving eye at this example of what not to wear, we pass quickly, as is our wont, from adverse comment to constructive suggestion.

Outdoor Photography UncleAlbertsManualOfPracticalPhotography 15The Carlyle Cloak.

The "Carlyle" Cloak.

It is safe to say that a voluminous black cloak of the type shown above is the garment par excellence for the outdoor enthusiast. Fitted with eight galvanised iron tent pegs and a detachable bottom-curtain, or brailing, the Carlyle Cloak makes an admirable Portable Dark Room. To preserve privacy when working it is customary to run up a small red pennant embodying a suitable caution, such as: "Cloak Room Ful l," or "Man at Work."

Deerstalker lens cap in Balmoral tweed.

"Deerstalker" lens cap in Balmoral tweed.

Outdoor Photography UncleAlbertsManualOfPracticalPhotography 18Gorblimey lens cap in Lambeth tweed.

"Gorblimey" lens cap in Lambeth tweed.

Lady enthusiasts wearing the new season's Carlyle Cloak.

Lady enthusiasts wearing the new season's "Carlyle Cloak" with Junkers pattern Lens Cap to match. Only photographers with enough experience to know just what high temperatures can be reached when working at high pressure inside a closed cloak will fully appreciate the point of the abbreviated undergarments.

Inside this roomy enclosure it is possible to develop practically anything, and, if the weather should prove inclement, one can sit quietly inside with the flag up and remain philosophically isolated for hours. For summer wear, lady photographers sometimes affect an additional light "over-cloak" of flowered chintz or gaily striped organdie; but this frivolous practice is usually deplored by the more serious male votaries of the art. Last year, indeed, we saw a particularly elegant model; it was composed of cloth of the new shade of pink, soft and delicate, and was trimmed with bands of swansdown, looped over at regular intervals with black velvet. The trimming was carried down one side of the front, over the shoulder, and in a diagonal direction across the back, down to the bottom of the cloak. The mixture of the black, white and pink was very happily conceived. For a brunette, a scarlet cloak arranged in this manner would be equally stylish. It is not advisable to roam too far afield when totally inclosed in a cloak, as, in addition to the fact that it is impossible to see where one is going, the spectacle has an extraordinarily irritating effect on the average yokel or bull. Before leaving the topic of appropriate wear a word or two about Lens Caps is not out of place. Here, we are pleased to say, there is more latitude for individual taste and there is positively no optical reason why a nice "Deerstalker" pattern in Balmoral tweed (with characteristic side flaps and button at top) should not give as good a result as the plainer, peaked or "Gorblimey" variety. For the ladies what could be better than a crepe bonnet, trimmed with three bows of graduated lengths falling down on each side, with a bunch of daisies and white lace at the top. A feather placed on each side and fastened at the back of the curtain, almost concealing the crown; the curtain being made of silk, trimmed with lace, and the bandeau inside of white and coloured daisies? A well-fitting Lens Cap or Bonnet is an absolute necessity for the hardy outdoor worker. In my opinion, the model featured in the picture below is both practical and becoming.

Outdoor Photography UncleAlbertsManualOfPracticalPhotography 21

For strenuous outdoor work, of the hunting-shooting-fishing variety, what could be more efficiently attractive than the outfit shown here? Wearing a concealed Hat-type camera and lens cap combined, with the tuck-in bloomer pattern Carlyle Cloak, this young lady is ready for instantaneous exposure, if need be.