663. Introduction

Introduction. Photo-micrography is the art, or process, of enlarging minute objects by means of the microscope, and reproducing the enlarged image by photog-graphy. - Century Dictionary.

664. The production of photographic images of microscopic objects is one of the most interesting and instructive branches of photography, as well as one of the most important, from a scientific standpoint. Any one familiar with the use of an ordinary camera and a microscope will, by following the instructions given in the subsequent pages, have at hand an inexhaustible field of interesting study.

665. The amateur photographer can entertain all members of the family with the many wonderful features possessed by the most common insect, plant or flower, which are invisible to the naked eye, but when photographed through the microscope will show something of the marvelous and beautiful workings of nature. A thousand and one objects, insignificant in themselves, when viewed through the microscope become veritable mines of interest to the mind of the ordinary man, woman or child, and when enlarged by the aid of photography, the reproductions can be studied, children instructed, and their minds broadened thereby and made more receptive. It should be the aim of every amateur worker to become familiar with this branch of photography.

666. In schools and colleges photo-micrography is of the utmost importance, and its practice will result in the saving of money and time; clearer, and more complete instruction can be imparted to the class. Any number of prints can be made from the photographs taken through the microscope, and used by the students with most satisfactory results, as they will be able to follow instructions more closely and intelligently by having the photograph of the subject before them, and at the same time, by this method, particularly fine specimens are preserved for future reference and instruction. By means of the photo-micrographic print a greater number of students can be handled, than is possible where each individual member of the class is obliged to use the microscope, in turn, to understand fully the instruction being imparted. This is the method of instruction in the leading medical schools of Europe and America.

667. The strain on the eyes, complained of by so many when looking through the microscope, is avoided by photo-micrography, and all can pursue their studies with greater interest and enthusiasm. These photographs can also be reproduced on lantern-slides, for lecture purposes, full instructions for which will be found in Volume V. The naturalist and the botanist are provided with an invaluable assistant in photo-micrography, in that rare specimens are preserved in all their beauty for reproduction in book or magazine. By following instructions covering transmitted light and opaque illumination, photographs reproducing microscopic objects on transparent slides can be made, or depressions, minute cavities and formations on the uneven surfaces of minerals clearly shown as they appear through the microscope.

668. To the physician photo-micrography is a necessity, and the more general its practice among the medical profession the greater will be the diffusion of knowledge, and the more accurate and valuable this knowledge. It also prevents all possibility of intentional or unintentional misrepresentation. Practical instruction is given for starting you right upon this special branch of study.

669. In Fig. 1, Illustration No. 120, is shown a microscope of sufficient power for the physician's research, bacteriologists agreeing that the magnifying to +1000 being all that is required. The camera attachment to the micro-

Photo Micrography 0900133

Illustration No. 120

Practical Outfit for Physician or Naturalist

See Paragraph 669

Photo Micrography 0900134

Illustration No. 121

A Simple Form of Microscope

See Paragraph 672

Photo Micrography 0900135

Illustration No. 125

Welsbach Gas Lamp

See Paragraph 686 scope is of simple construction and will answer for all practical purposes. The intelligent use of photo-micrography is of the utmost value to every physician and surgeon, whether specialist or general practitioner, for by its means he not only is able to prove to his satisfaction his diagnosis or findings, but has material immediately at hand for future reference, which cannot fail to help him in his practice.

670. Photo-micrography gives to all a new field of study, and one that is filled with the most unexpected and beautiful creations of Nature's workshop.