578. The Outfit

The Outfit. The outfit, as pictured in Illustration No. 113, is manufactured by the Eastman Kodak Company, and consists of a long bellows camera; a cabinet; an adjustable stage (copying-board); a special insurance bromide paper roll-holder, carrying 100 feet of 11-inch paper; a No. 6 Plastigmat lens (13-inch equivalent focus) and a 3-inch prism fitted to the lens. In addition to the roll-holder, a ground-glass carriage and single sheet-holder, with a full set of nested kits accommodating from 4 x 5 to 11 x 14 paper, are included; also two Aristo arc lamps, which supply the illumination.

579. The base, or the support, for the camera is a large cabinet, which is provided with shelves for storage. The camera is arranged on this cabinet and slides bodily on a track, controlled by a rack and pinion, operated by a hand wheel on the side.

580. The lens attached to the camera is fitted with a prism, so that the printed matter is photographed right side to. The prism is necessary to avoid the inversion of the image, for while the reproduction is, practically speaking, a negative, yet it is opaque, and we do not look through it as we would a negative, but at it as we would a print. The lens is provided with a regulation shutter for exposing.

581. The copy is attached to a stage, which slides up and down, and is controlled from the back of the camera by a large hand wheel, thus permitting of the raising or lowering of the stage from the back while focusing.

582. The apparatus is provided with a plate-holder which will take plates or paper, thus enabling one to use the camera without the prism as a straight copying camera, when desired.

583. Installing The Record Outfit

Installing The Record Outfit. The record outfit, with lamps in position, will require a space of about 8 x 10 feet, allowing for ample room to pass around the machine. The apparatus itself is about 72 inches long, and 50 inches high to the top of the cabinet. The stage or platform carrying copy is 24 inches long, and the lamp hanging on either side of this would make the distance from center to center of lamps about 42 inches, so that a floor space 8 x 10 feet will give ample room to pass around the machine. An ordinary room 12 x 14 or 14 x 16 feet is amply large for the operating of the machine, and, in addition, will allow sufficient space for the dark-room and drying racks.

584. Installing The Machine

Installing The Machine. The machine should be installed in one corner of the room, at a distance of 2 feet from both the side and the end walls. See Diagram No. 114. The Aristo lamps are suspended from the ceiling, at points 42 inches apart, dropping on each side of the

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Illustration No. 114

Record Outfit - Floor Plan of Room

See Paragraph 584 stage or platform. When ordering lamps for this machine, state what current the lamps are to operate on, giving voltage, and in case of alternating current state the voltage and frequency. Complete instructions for installation accompanies each lamp, so that any local electrician may easily install it.

585. It is advisable to suspend the lamps by a cord through a hook and pulley in the ceiling, so that each lamp may be adjusted to any height desired. Usually a distance of 6 to 9 inches above the stage supplies the best and most even illumination.