792. Specialized Displays

Specialized Displays. Many photographers specialize on one particular branch of the work. For instance, one photographer may specialize on baby pictures, another

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"CHIEF JUSTICE" Study No. 35 - See Page 582 J. L. Schneider

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"THE MUSE" Study No. 36 Elizabeth Flint Wade on copies, another on ladies, another on men, and still another on group work or flashlight photography. Where the photographer specializes in this way the alternate display should consist of pictures he specializes in making, while the other displays may be of miscellaneous or special work. For instance, if a photographer specializes in the photographing of children, his main display should consist of baby pictures, and every other day these should be exhibited in his window. On the alternate days he may first show a display of ladies' photographs, on another day one of men, on another group photographs, while still another may be of miscellaneous subjects, men, women, children, etc.

793. Then, again, it is possible to show in the window different styles of mountings. Folders may form the subject of one display, plain mounted prints another, two or three prints neatly framed another, and an enlarged picture in a frame may form still another subject to introduce in the show case. There is an endless variety of material which any photographer can employ, if he will but give a few moments time and consideration to the matter.

794. Another excellent way of inducing people to continually observe the show-case is to reserve a certain section of it in which to display a particular picture. This picture should be placed in the case and remain for one week. Advertise through the local papers, and perhaps through the circulars which you have mailed, stating that you will give a prize to the first person seeing the new picture. You should state in your announcement that the picture occupying a certain space in your display window will be changed once each week. The first person who sees the new picture and comes to the office and mentions the fact is to receive the prize. The style of photograph which you give as a reward in this, as well as other similar contests, may be displayed in your case. One very attractive display, which is applicable especially to small show-cases, is the making of a composite group of babies, similar to the one shown in Illustration No. 58. This picture was made by cutting out the outline of the little subjects and then artistically arranging these on one card. Two or three hundred of these heads, arranged in this composite form, will invariably attract a great deal of attention and cause considerable talk about you. and it is talk and general publicity that you want - in fact that you need - if your business is to be a success.

795. Additional interest will be taken in this display if you offer a prize of a special photograph to the first person calling at your office and giving the correct number of the babies in the group.

796. When finishing orders, and especially when you have an excellent negative and where the subject is a particularly attractive one, you should make an extra print, and have a drawer or a place to keep these extra prints, so that you will always have material on hand with which to fill your show-case.

797. Special Attractions In Show-Case

Special Attractions In Show-Case. The photog-grapher should not be content with having simply an average display in his case. He should strive to call particular attention to his studio and to the exhibit, and in order to keep the people interested his display should be changed often.

798. Another way of attracting attention to the showcase is to photograph the backs of six or seven heads of prominent persons and place these in your show-case. To the person correctly guessing, within a specified time, the names of the persons thus photographed, you will give a prize of, say, two of your best photographs.

There are many other ways of attracting attention to your show-case, and eventually luring the customer into the studio. The most successful methods will be those you devise yourself, for it is unique schemes that attract the attention of the public. Always keep your name before the public. Do not allow them to forget that you are the photographer. Always produce results that will be a credit to you and that will never make you ashamed of your name appearing on any pictures you make.