293. Note

Note. The same care must be exercised in drying prints, both on temporary and final supports, as in drying the sensitized tissue. So far as dust is concerned, the room must be perfectly clean and free from dust or dampness.

294. Squeegeeing

Squeegeeing. The squeegeeing must be done most carefully and a perfect contact must be obtained. The best way is to bring the tissue and temporary or final support together under the water, and then, with a gentle, but firm and even pressure, pass the squeegee down, commencing one-third from the top. Then turn the tissue and support around and repeat the operation in exactly the same manner. Always have a blotter handy to mop off water that lays on the edge of the squeegee plate. This squeegee plate and the table on which it rests must be free from dust or grit. It is advisable to wipe off the table carefully with a damp cloth before beginning your work. You cannot be too careful in observing cleanliness. The most satisfactory squeegee, even for large prints, is a flat rubber 6 inches in length and about 1 1/2 inches wide, and 1/4 inch thick, set in wood.

295. Care Of Squeegee

Care Of Squeegee. It is essential that the squeegee should be thoroughly cleansed and dried after using, and kept in a clean place free from dust.

296. Mounting The Prints

Mounting The Prints. The greatest care must be exercised in mounting carbon prints, as the different colors of tissue require different colored mounts. There is but one color of mount that can be used for all colors of tissue, and that is pure white. There are, however, many pretty effects obtained by using suitable colors of mounts to harmonize with the color of tissue used. For an example, a sepia colored print is best mounted double-the first layer, with narrow margin of light cream, mounted on a dark brown. Black and white prints can be mounted first on white card, with narrow margin, and then on black or deep gray. Sea-green is best mounted on white; reds or bright colors are best mounted on white or tints bearing on the color of tissue used, only of a lighter shade.

297. All carbon prints can be mounted solid, but are better mounted or tacked on the corners only. Never use fancy mounts, gold edges, lines, etc. When mounting solid, care must be exercised not to mar the surface of the print. Be sure to use perfectly dry blotters, free from lint or grit, and use a roller squeegee for rolling down.