Hammer's Slow Plates

841. This brand of plates allows great latitude in the exposure; has exceptionally fine grain, and is what its name implies - Slow, being about one-fourth the rapidity of Hammer's Extra Fast Plate.

842. It is just the right rapidity and quality for view work, where there are no moving objects, such as the ordinary views that are taken by professional and amateur photographers.

843. This plate is extensively used:

For copying For process work For button work For co?nmercial work and any photographic work that does not require a short exposure.

844. These plates, when developed with a normal developer and the development carried reasonably far, will give strong negatives with clear shadows.

845. But if a dilute developer is used, one can get a fine soft chemical effect.

Hammer's Lantern Slide Plates

846. These plates are suitable for making slides either by contact or reduction.

847. These plates are coated on glass specially made for this purpose, which is thin and free from defects. The ordinary negative glass, although excellent for the purpose, is not suitable for a lantern slide, as a defect that is too small to be detected by the eye will be very noticeable when enlarged by the lantern.

848. Many of our novice friends make positives from their negatives on these plates, as they reproduce all there is in the negative; nothing is lost as is the case with paper prints.

849. Our lantern emulsion is a model for fine grain, clearness and freedom from defects in general.

850. This plate will give rich, warm tones, or engraving black at will, with absolute clear glass effect in the highlights.

851. Slides that are to be shown with a very strong light - electric oxy-hydrogen - should be made more dense than those to be shown with an oil light.

Hammer's Transparency Plates

(The Ideal Pictures.)

852. Are specially prepared of a slow fine grain emulsion, giving clear glass effect for the highlights and crisp, brilliant shadows of ideal gradation, producing the very finest positives on glass.

853. A fine positive on glass, such as can be made on Hammer's Transparency Plates, reproduces all that there is in the negative; nothing is lost, as in the case when paper prints are made. These plates may be used for contact work, the same as in using developing paper; using a plate the same size as the original negative, or, by using a mask of the black paper, a larger or smaller plate may be used.

854. By using the enlarging camera one can take their small negatives and produce a large transparency of almost any size.

855. These plates are used quite extensively for this purpose, but as their advantages become more generally known, the demand for them continues to increase.

856. Made in all shapes and sizes. Odd sizes made to order.

857. These plates are about four times the rapidity of the Hammer Lantern Slide Plates.

858. Coated on specially selected glass.