Wanted - a first class receptionist.

Quite often we see an advertisement of this nature in the advertising sections of the photographic journals. An attractive young lady to wait on customers in the reception room is easy enough to find, but to secure the services of a first class receptionist is quite another matter. True, the first class receptionist must be attractive and neat, but in addition she must possess qualifications above the average. It is imperative if she is to be of full value to the studio employing her that she possess great tact and true selling ability. There is more than one studio that holds many of its patrons year after year almost solely on account of the personality of the lady in the reception room and her ability to make and retain friends. It is easy enough to sell what a customer wants, a lot of sample prints with the prices on could in most cases do that, but it requires ability and diplomacy of a high order to sell a customer what he or she ought to have. A first class receptionist must possess the ability to "size up" her customers, and to know intuitively just what class or price of work to present and just when to force the sale of higher priced pictures or recede gracefully to something less expensive.

One thing sometimes overlooked even by otherwise clever receptionists is simplicity of attire; gowns too fussy or too elaborate create a feeling of discomfort with patrons of small means, and those with a plethora of this world's goods likewise resent it. The clever receptionist knows and remembers names and faces - addressing a person by name often helps a lot in establishing pleasant relations and she likewise knows just when and when not to make suggestions regarding costume, coiffure or pose.

One of the most valuable qualities of the first class receptionist is loyalty to the studio that employs her; she must not only feel that her studio turns out the best work but she must impart this feeling to not only her customers but to her employer and business associates as well.

October. Our Illustrations

The portrait illustrations in this issue are from the well known studio of Ph. Rose, Providence, Rhode Island. Mr. Rose has been in his present location many years and is happy in one of the most perfectly appointed studios in the country. The Rose Studio enjoys a high class patronage - the kind that is quick to appreciate the sterling quality of Aristo - the stand-by of the Rose establishment.