The general average of the pictures made by professional photographers for our1908 Kodak advertising contest was much better than the average in the contest for the previous year. This was not only gratifying to us. but was a good thing for a number of the contestants, because it gave us an opportunity to buy a larger number of pictures that did not land in the prize list.

To help make the average still better in the present (l909) competition, we have published a portfolio of the I908 competition, reproducing a number of the pictures that we consider best from an advertising standpoint. These portfolios have already been sent to the entire list of 1908 contestants, and we have a limited quantity left, which we would be glad to send, while they last, to such photographers as are sufficiently interested to send us a postal, asking for one. A copy will prove highly valuable to anyone intending to enter the contest, for it will show precisely the class of work which the judges (advertising men and photographers) consider with the most favor, and will show in addition the class of work which we ourselves pick out for purchase from among the non-winning prints. In our 1909 competition we offer §2000 in prizes, of which 81400 goes to professionals and $600 to amateurs. The contest closes October 1st., and is worth while from two standpoints: In the first place, there is the prize money and the further possibility of the sale of pictures to us. In the next place, there are great possibilities for advertising work in photography for every photographer who will combine advertising ideas with good clean photography. At any rate, send for a copy of the Portfolio, and see what is doing.

The Illustrations

Our principal illustrations in this issue are reproductions from Collodio-Carbon prints by Kandeler Bros., of St. Louis, Mo.

The Kandeler Studio enjoys a very high-class patronage and is recognized as one of the leading studios of the country. The quality of the work speaks for itself.

We are indebted to Messrs. Bauer and Coffee, Kansas City, Mo., for the charming subject upon our front cover, and to Pach Bros., of New York City, for the splendid portrait of President William H. Taft, which we use as a frontispiece.

We trust in later issues to show further examples from these studios.