We illustrate herewith an exceedingly simple and practical dark room lamp to be used where electric current is available.

Procure an ordinary two quart glass fruit jar, break out the porcelain lining in the cover and cut a hole through the cover just large enough to fit over the socket of an incandescent electric lamp, then solder cover and socket together. Line the inside of the jar with two thicknesses of good orange post office paper. The best lamp for the purpose is an eight candle power show case lamp, the same as shown in the illustration. Screw the lamp into the socket and screw cover onto jar, and you have a safe light of excellent illuminating power.

A Handy Dark Room Lamp StudioLightMagazine1909 89

When you desire to work by white light, two turns will remove the jar. If developing papers are being worked, obtain a second jar and line with light orange paper, screw into cover fastened to lamp and you have a safe and pleasant light for loading and development. By attaching sufficient cord to the lamp it can be moved to any part of the dark room necessary and you have three lamps at a trifling cost.

October. The Only Condition

A picture of father and mother.

"A picture of father and mother."

How it would delight your children, how it would please your friends.


Now is the time to get into the newspapers - don't let a week pass without your advertisement suggesting photographs as the most suitable remembrances and also influencing the public to think that your studio is the best place to have them made.

If you have not been making use of our advertising cut service, the whole series published is at your disposal (provided, of course, that they have not been previously used in your town) and we will issue a new one each mouth to help you.

Take an evening or two and devise plans for attracting people to your studio and for getting orders when you have them in to see you. Keep your show case busy working for you every minute. Make the people think of you and photographs every time they glance over the newspaper and every time they pass your studio.

An advertisement just once in a while will do some good; advertising all the time will do a lot of good, so keep everlastingly at it.