The scope of the Eastman School of Professional Photography is much greater than the photographer who has never attended its sessions can imagine.

Every man on the school staff is a picked man. chosen not alone for his knowledge of things photographic, but for his ability to intelligently and successfully impart his knowledge to others. And back of his ability as a photographer and instructor he must have that something, magnetism, if you will, that will enable him to make friends and to impress everyone attending the school that he is working for his especial benefit.

And back of each instructor's skill and ability is the combined brain and nerve force of the entire Eastman organization, and the combined brain and nerve force of every photographer in America. By this we mean that the school corps is not dependent upon its collective skill alone, but is kept constantly in touch with the Eastman organization, and its highly skilled staff of chemists and inventors, and in touch with every professional in America through the medium of the traveling demonstrators and salesmen.

New and improved methods for producing better or newer results, or shorter cuts to the old ones, are constantly being brought to light from these varied sources, and everything of value to the school instructors is taught them thoroughly and at once.

Every minute of the three days session of the Eastman School is needed to cover the wide course of iustruction, and every minute must be and is utilized to the best advantage.

No matter how many sessions of the Eastman School you have attended, it will more than repay you to attend each time it is in your territory, as the school is up to the minute and each session provides a multitude of new things, the knowledge of which is indispensable to the man in the business to succeed.

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The manufacturer of sensitized products must keep up to date. No matter how excellent his product may be he must continually strive to make it still better or devise formulas or methods for working that Mill produce even finer results. You who use these products are likewise striving to produce the best possible results and the only way you can keep in touch with the improvements of the manufacturer is to read the printed matter sent with the goods. Every now and then the manufacturer discovers some method for improving his product, such improvement necessitating a change in formula or in manipulation; he changes his direction sheets in accordance, but cannot otherwise notify each individual consumer, so if you want always to secure the best results, do not throw away the direction sheet without comparing it with the one you have on file.