It is human nature that the most of us do not appreciate the value of a life preserver till we come slap bang up against the emergency that makes us wish we had one - then we can clearly see all its advantages, and would be willing to put up with even an indifferent one.

It is a good deal the same way in our every day studio work. In slack seasons we put up with a good many inconveniences and make-shift devices, because we have plenty of time anyhow, but when rush time comes, then, oh! how frantically we wish we had that life preserver. With only a sitting or two a day, the time spent in the dark room developing doesn't really amount to much, but when everybody wants a sitting at once, and you are making exposures up to the last minute, and mother is going to have fried chicken and hot biscuits for supper and wants you home on time, then the development of all those plates means a lot. Got to be done, too, before you leave, or the proof printer will be in trouble in the morning.

With the Eastman Plate Tank at hand, development doesn't worry you a bit, twenty-four cabinets at a time, and developed to perfection without bother, or damage from accident, and without any loss of time to you. One week's use in any rush season will more than pay for the Tank - then you have all its splendid advantages free.

Eastman Plate Tanks are in most of the studios doing good work to-day - if one or more is not working in your studio have your dealer send one up first delivery. You'll never be sorry.

More Profit

Raise the quality of your work and you can increase its price. Increasing the quality often adds but little in the cost to you but adds a lot in profit. Of all the printing mediums at the command of the modern professional, Angelo platinum leads in the ability to show quality to even the most superficial observer. Make two prints from the same negative, one on carbon and the other on Angelo Sepia, and show them to any person without knowledge of photographic processes, and in practically every case the soft velvety quality of the Angelo print will win. Sepia tones are the vogue and no paper outside of Angelo Sepia can so successfully reproduce every delicate gradation of the negative in true sepia tones. In Angelo Sepia you have the ideal medium for increasing both quality and price. No professional paper is so easy to manipulate as Angelo, quick to print, simple in after treatment, produring print after print, uniform in quality and tone.

From A Collodio Carbon Print By The Rose Studio Providence, R. I.

From A Collodio-Carbon Print By The Rose Studio Providence, R. I.

The holiday season is approaching - the harvest time. Now is your time to commence the education of your patrons in the higher quality, higher priced work. Spend a little thought in devising some up to the minute styles, make a show case and reception room display on Angelo do it now before the man down the street comes out with his and you will be a long way on the road to increased profits.