The professional is appreciating more and more the financial benefits to be derived from well made enlagements. and with the wide range in effects afforded by the Eastman Bromide and developing out papers he is able to duplicate, and in many instances improve upon, the quality of contact prints, and at a low cost.

The making of an enlargement is a simple matter, as an improvised apparatus is easily constructed with an ordinary view camera, but when any quantity of work has to be turned out, a permanent and well constructed apparatus is advisable.

We illustrate herewith one of the enlarging outfits in use in our studio, which is simple in construction, and may be used with either daylight or artificial illumination.

The room in which this apparatus is installed measures about twelve by twenty feet, and is used exclusively for enlarging purposes, and contains in addition, developing sink, paper storage cabinet and work table. The same apparatus can be operated in a much smaller space, utilizing the dark room sink for developing and fixing.

Figure 1 shows the side elevation of the complete apparatus, including the suspended paper easel As shown in the illustration, the camera and artificial light box; are installed against a window opening to the north, the artificial light box as arranged can be easily swung to one side when daylight is employed. The camera and light box used is substantially the same as supplied with the Folmer & Schwing Printing and Enlarging Cabinet, though an ordinary view camera, with reversible back, could be substituted. The light box. contains a single tube Cooper-Hewitt lamp, and is so hinged as to swing to one side out of the way when daylight is used. See Figure 2.

Side Elavation of Enlarging apparatus.

Fig. 1. Side Elavation of Enlarging apparatus.

End Elevation Of Camera And Standard For Same.

Fig. 2. End Elevation Of Camera And Standard For Same.

Immediately in front of the swinging light box is a square cone to which the camera proper is attached - this cone contains three ground glass diffusing sen-ens in frames, any one of which may be removed when paper board, when necessary to move for focusing.

necessary. The camera and light box are supported on a table bracket, as shown in Figure 1.

End Elevation of Enlarging Apparatus.

Fig. 3. End Elevation of Enlarging Apparatus.

The paper easel is suspended from a track attached to stringers fastened to the ceiling. The truck or carriage carrying the paper easel runs on roller bearings, as shown in Figure 3. The carriage locks on the track, by means of a simple spring, at any point when stopped, and is released by a slight downward pull on a lever just back of the

From An Angelo Sepia Platinum Print By Frank E. Dean Grand Junction, Colo.

From An Angelo Sepia Platinum Print By Frank E. Dean Grand Junction, Colo.

When a camera without shifting and tilting movements is used it is a simple matter to adjust the copy board for both vertical and side adjustments as well as forward and back swing.

The above apparatus has afforded perfect satisfaction, as it is not liable to get out of order, takes up but little floor space, and is simple to construct and economical in operation.