The Photographers Association of America, in order to still further stimulate the interest in the coming National Convention at Rochester, offers an award of twenty-five dollars to the member of the Association making the nearest guess to the paid membership at Rochester during the convention. All estimates to be sent to G. W. Harris, Secy., 1311 F Street N. \V., Washington, D. C, and the contest positively closes July seventeenth. Guesses arriving after that date will not be considered. There are about 15,000 professional photographers in the United States and all indications point to a record breaking attendance at Rochester.

Here's luck.

The 29th Annual Convention P. A. Of A

The place: Rochester, N. Y., the photographic manufacturing center. The date: July 19th. to 24th. inclusive, an ideal time to leave your business for a fewdays. Come prepared to stay all week. Something doing every moment.

Do you know that this promises to be the most successful convention in the history of the P. A. of A.? Why? We meet this year in the most interesting city for photographers in the world. We will have the choicest collection of pictures, the most artistically arranged display, the most instructive school, the most interesting program with more new features added, and the best time the photographers have ever had the opportunity of enjoying at a convention.

The photographic interests of Rochester extend to you a hearty welcome and promise a week of entertainment and instructive sight seeing that will be a revelation to many. Do not miss it. The Rochester section of the P. P. S. of New York will conduct a Bureau of Information in convention hall, with messenger service to look after the wants of those attending.

Your officers would advise making hotel reservation early, and if any desire rooms other than those listed in circulars sent out recently, a request, stating what price room you wish, to Mr. J. E. Mock, Rochester, N. Y.,will secure for you just what is wanted.

It is important dues be paid and new memberships be issued early. Attend to it NOW. TODAY. Your treasurer and his assistants will be busy at the convention and if you wait until you reach the box office you may have to stand in line sometime before you can secure a button and your receipt.

This delay can be avoided and you can materially assist the treasurer by making remittance now. Official receipt and membership button will be sent to you by return mail.

If already a member with dues paid for 1908, send 82.00 to Treasurer L. A. Dozer, Bucyrus, Ohio. If you have no membership in the Association, send 8.1.00. 83.00 membership fee and $2. ()0 dues for 1909. Employees and dealers or their representatives hold associate membership. 82.00 per annum, no membership fee. In making remittance by check, add ten cents for collection.

Any other information concerning the Photographers Association of America or the coming Rochester Convention will be gladly furnished upon request.

L. A. Dozer, Treasurer P. A. of A.