Do not fail to ask for certificate when purchasing ticket to Rochester which entitles you to three-fifths fare returning.

Certificates are issued at the time the going ticket is purchased and may be secured from July 15th. to21 st.inclusive. Make inquiry of your local ticket agent to ascertain if he is supplied with certificates, if he is not, he will advise you of the nearest point where they can be secured.

Present yourself at the ticket office at least one-half hour early that you may not be detained from procuring your certificate before the departure of the train.

Immediately upon your arrival at the convention hall deposit your certificate with L. A. Dozer, Treas., at the box office. The special agent of the railroad associations will be at the convention hall to validate certificates from 9 A. m. to 6 p. m. of July 22d., 23d. and 24th. A charge of twenty-five cents will be made for validating each certificate. If you arrive at the convention later than July 24th. the validating agent will have left and you will therefore be unable to get the benefit of the reduced fare home.

To secure your return passage home, present your validated certificate at the railroad office and the agent will supply you with your return trip ticket upon payment of three-fiths of the amount of the fare paid for going ticket.

Return trip tickets may be purchased with certificates at reduced rates from July 22nd. to midnight of July 28th.

The following railroad associations have allowed the reduced railroad rates:

The Trunk Line Association comprises the following states, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey and Delaware, with the following railroads offering reduced fares:

Baltimore & Ohio, Buffalo & Susquehanna, Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh, Central of New Jersey, Chesapeake & Ohio, Chesapeake S. S. Co., Cumberland Valley, Delaware & Hudson, Erie, Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville, Jamestown, Chautauqua & Lake Erie, Lehigh Valley, New York Central & Hudson River, New York, Phila. & Norfolk, Norfolk & Washington S. S. Co., Pennsylvania, Northern Central, Philadelphia & Erie, Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington,West Jersey & Sea Shore, Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern, Western Maryland, West Shore.

The New England Passenger Association, comprising the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont; Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, with the following railroads offering reduced fares:

Boston & Albany, Boston & Maine, Canadian Pacific (eastern lines), Central Vermont, Grand Trunk, Maine Central, N. Y., N. H. & Hartford (including sound lines N. E. Nav. Co.).

Eastern Canadian Passenger Association, comprising the provinces of eastern Canada.with the following railroads offering reduced fares:

Algoma Central & Hudson Bay, Bay of Quinte, Boston & Maine, Brockville, Westport & Northwestern, Canadian Northern Ontario, Canadian Northern Quebec, Canadian Pacific (eastern lines), Central Ontario, Central Vermont, Dominion Atlantic, Grand Trunk, Intercolonial It. R., Irondale, Bancroft & Ottawa, Kingston & Pembroke, Michigan Central, N. Y. Central & Hudson R. R., Orford Mountain, Ottawa & N. Y., Pere Marquette, Quebec Central, Quebec, Montreal & Southern, Rutland It. R., Temis-couata It. R., Temiskaming & Northern Ontario, Toronto, Hamilton, & Buffalo, Wabash R. R.

The following Navigation Companies make special rates which may be had upon application:

Huntsville, Lake of Bays & Lake Simcoe Nav. Co., Muskoka Nav. Co., Niagara Nav. Co., Northern Nav. Co., Ottawa River Nav. Co., Pembroke Nav. Co., Richelieu & Ontario Nav. Co., Rideau Lakes Nav. Co., Trent Valley Nav. Co.

Central Passenger Association, comprising the following states, Ohio. Indiana, Lower Michigan, and that part of Illinois south of a line drawn from Chicago to Keokuk, with the following railroads offering reduced fares:

Ann Arbor R. R., B. & O. Southwestern It. R., B. & L. E. It. R., Big Four Route, B. R. & P. Ry., Chicago & Alton R. R., C. & E. I. R. R., C. & E. & Erie R. R., C. I. & L. Ry., C. I. & S. Ry., C. R. & M. Line, C. R. I. & P. Ry., C. & M. V. R. R., C. H. & D. Ry., C. & B. Transit Co., Cleveland & Toledo Line, D. & B. S. Co., D. & C. N. Co., D. & M. Ry., C. & O. Ry., D. T. & I. Ry., D. A. V. & P. Ry., E. & I. R. R., E. & T. H. R. R., Ft. W. C. & L. R. R., G. R. & I. Ry., G. T. Ry. System, Hocking Valley Ry., L. E. & W. R. R., L. S. & M. S. Ry., L. & N. R. It., L. H. & St. L. Ry., M. C. & C. R. R., Mich. Central R. R., Mobile & O. R. R., N. Y. C. & St. L. R. R., Northern O. It. R., O. Central Lines, Penna. Lines, Pere Marquette Ry., P. & L. E. R. R., P. L. & W. R. R., Southern Ry. (St. Louis Div.), T. St. L. & W. R. R., Van-dalia Ry., Wabash R. R., Wab. Pitts. Ter. Ry., W. & L. E. R. R., Z. & W. Ry.

The Western Passenger Association, comprising the following states, Minnesota, Wisconsin, So. Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri north from a line drawn from St. Louis to Kansas City, and No. Dakota east of Bismarck. From a number of points in these states tourist rates may be secured to Chicago from St. Louis, and Chicago certificates may be secured for the 3/5 return trip fare. Photographers in these states desirous of attending the Convention should make inquiry regarding these rates in advance. Local ticket agents will supply the information.

Southwestern Passenger Association, comprising the states of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri south of a line drawn from Kansas City to St. Louis. This association instructs to advise photographers that a low summer tourist rate will be in effect to Rochester at the time of our convention. An early inquiry of your local ticket agent will give you definite information.

Certificates may be procured from Cairo, Illinois, and St. Louis to Rochester on the basis of one fare going and 3/5 fare returning.

Southeastern Passenger Asso-ciation, comprising the states of Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida. Photographers in this territory are promised no specific reduced rate by this association, but are requested to inquire as to such tourist rates as may be in effect to Rochester at this time. Parties living in this territory may secure certificates at the reduced rates from border line cities of Indiana, Illinois and Ohio, also from Huntington, Charlottesville, and Charleston, W. Va., and Washington, D. C.

For the information of those living in states not mentioned in this list would advise that no reduced rate concessions have been secured.

Fraternally yours, F. R. Barrows, Pres. P. A. of A.

Not To Be Read By Photographers' Wives

That the Eastman Plate Tank is a time saver when used in the ordinary manner has been many times demonstrated, but it has remained for a professional in Texas to go a step farther. At night, just before closing the studio, he starts the plates developing and carries the tank home with him, reaching there a short time before the plates are due to come out of the developer. These are fixed and washed at home, and in the morning carried back to the studio, all ready for proofing.

This ought to be a fine scheme for the wives of those who find it difficult to be home in time for supper.