This world is what you see of it, as life you journey through, And nothing in it happens, that looks the same to two. The very self-same feature, in the very self-same game, To the best of friends and neighbors, will never look the same.

A friendship may be broken, and lost beyond recall,

In a foolish controversy, about a game of ball,

When two good-natured people, both up-right, square and true,

Just happen to be looking, from a different point of view.

Don't call your friend a " knocker," if with him you don't agree. His judgment is as dear to him, as ours to you and me.

He's a right to his opinions, and to express them, too,

For it may be he was looking, from a better point of view.

And if yon meet some others, who think the same as he,

Don't intimate they're aged, and say they cannot see.

Their vision and their judgment, may seem at fault to you.

When perhaps they all were looking from a better point of view.

And when luck seems against you, don't let your feet get cold.

Or be a howling quitter, and claim the game was sold.

Don't call the umpire rotten, and make the air look blue.

It may be he was looking, from a better point of view.

And if you back your judgment with money on the game.

Don't squeal if you're a loser, keep smiling just the same.

The man who wins your money was no more sure than you,

But he happened to be looking, from a better point of view.

In the long run, Truth is mighty, and the right will always win,

So be honest and above-board, in every deal you're in.

And when you meet a neighbor who don't agree with you.

Just remember he is looking, from a different point of view.

It means a lot for future conventions and for future good of the business if the spirit of Harmony dispensed by Past President Barrows and the Rochester bunch can be kept in circulation. Now for Milwaukee! Hurrah for Harmony! Stereoscope.

Too busy

Deare Edditor: I promised you a story about the Convention but the boss has kep me so darn busy since we got back that I aint had no time to write it yet. Will wait till he goes fish-in' nex' time. Yoursrespekfully, The Office Boy.