On and after August 15th the price of Nepera paper will be one dollar and a half per gross, cabinet size, with other sizes in proportion.

The Nepera business has grown steadily for two years. Every month shows an increased number of Nepera consumers and an increased consumption of Nepera paper. With the growing volume of the business and with our new developing-out paper building, having a coating capacity of a million square feet of paper per day, we can afford to make this reduction. Nepera sales have been increasing rapidly at the two dollar price against other papers at a similar list. At the new price it is going to move even more rapidly.

Remember too, that the Royal Nepera in either pure white or India tint is practically a double weight paper, at the single weight price. There has never before been so much value offered in a sensitized photographic product.

Nepera paper is furnished in professional sizes only, in matte, velvet and rough in both single and double weight. The Royal Nepera is furnished in one weight only, and at the single weight list but is very nearly the full double weight thickness and is known as, ' the paper that for-gets to curl." The Royal is however, furnished in two colors,

"India tint" and pure white, and has made close friends of many photographers who are making a specialty of sepia prints. Redeveloped prints on Royal Nepera delivered in folders bring the extra prices.

There is a surface for your every want and you can't buy a better development paper at any price. The full list is published in the advertising section.

August. Our Illustrations

We have an unusual variety in our illustrations in this issue.

The cover page illustration and a number of the others are from the prize winning exhibits on Collodio-Carbon of Mr. C. L. venard of Lincoln, Illinois, who was awarded the first prize in Classes A and B at the 1909 Illinois State Convention.

We also reproduce two of the pictures made at the Convention School, one by Mr. A. F. Bradley and one by F. Milton Somers.

The cartoons are reproduced from issues of the Rochester Herald published during the Convention.

Sodas In 25-Lb. Cans

We have always been particularly careful about the purity of the chemicals put up by us for photographic use. Our business in such chemicals grew steadily for many years not because we pushed it with any vigor but simply because the quality of the goods we put out brought repeat orders. A full realization of what we could do directly for all users of sensitized photographic goods, and indirectly for our sale of such goods by putting out and pushing a a full line of tested chemicals, induced us a few years ago to equip a special department and cover the entire line with pure chemicals. The growth of this department has been marvelous-ly rapid, and many large consumers are finding it worth while to specify Kodak Tested Chemicals when they order.

Every package bears this trade mark:

August Our Illustrations StudioLightMagazine1909 62

Our latest additions to the line are Carbonate of Soda and Sulphite of Soda in 25-lb. cans.

The Price

Kodak Carbonate of Soda per 25-lb. can......


Kodak Sulphite of Soda, per


5 50

Order from your dealer.

Eastman's Etching Black Platinum. Distinctive

Distinctive - that's the word that best describes the new platinum paper, Eastman's Etching Black. No, it's not in imitation of any other paper, it is decidedly away from the ordinary cold blue-black platinum that you are acquainted with. The platinum gradation is there, the richness of platinum blacks is there, but there's a pleasing warmth that you do not find in other black and white platinums. It's a paper that the best photographer in your town is going to adopt - and after him, others.

The manipulation of the Eastman E. B. Platinum is a perfectly simple cold development process and it will not, therefore, be in any way handicapped by complications. There are two surfaces - "smooth and rough" and the weight of the paper is practically the same as that of Angelo Sepia Platinum.

Eastman's Etching Black was the new good thing at the convention in the paper line, and the large display on it was given careful attention by the people who were here for business and wanted to investigate up-to-date goods. It has the quality that will appeal to the most exclusive patronage of the best studio in town. It's away from the common-place, yet leaves nothing to ask for in photographic quality or simplicity of manipulation.

The price is the same as Angelo Sepia. Developer for Eastman's E. B. Platinum Paper Eastman's E. B. Developer:

per 1-lb. pkg.

$ .60

Do., per 1/2-lb. pkg.


Do., per 1/4 lb. pkg.


At all stock dealers of course.

August. Bulletin: The Eastman School Of Professional Photography For 1909

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