Eastman's Etching Black Platinum was one of the big hits at the Convention. As one visitor expressed it, "It has just that difference as is between a marble bust and the real human." Etching Black has just sufficient warmth of tone to produce flesh values that stand out, and all the full, delicate gradation that is a joy to the operator and printer who delights in the correct rendering of the texture values of draperies.

And Etching Black Platinum is so simple to handle. To secure perfect results, print in the regular way and develop in a cold bath - quick, easy and certain.

Etching Black is for the studio that leads, - that has and holds a reputation for quality work.

Leading studios all over the country are enthusiastically reordering Etching Black, and show case displays are appearing. How about your show case? You will never have a better opportunity to bid for and secure the high class trade of your territory than is afforded by an opportune display on Etching Black.

Two grades, smooth and rough - your dealer will be glad to supply you. Price same as Angelo.

A Last Reminder

The 1909 Kodak Advertising Contest closes October first. Two thousand dollars in prize money will be distributed among the winners in this contest. Simple and easily made pictures are going to win this money, and even at this late date you stand an equal chance of participating in the awards - but you must "get busy" at once.

If you have entries for this contest under way, complete them and forward to us as soon as possible - we will promptly acknowledge their receipt upon arrival.

All entries should be addressed to Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N. Y. Advertising Department.

In sending pictures mark the package plainly, "Kodak Advertising Contest," and in the lower left-hand comer write your own name and address. Then write us a letter as follows:

I am sending you to-day by Express

Mail charges Prepaid-----prints. Please enter in your Kodak

Advertising Competition, Class.

Yours truly,



The name and address of the sender must be legibly written on a paper and enclosed in a sealed envelope in the same package in which the prints are forwarded. There is to be no writing on prints or mounts.