We make but one condition in our offer of cuts for the use of photographers.

It is obvious that two photographers in the same town would not care to use the same cut, and we are therefore obliged to limit this offer to one photographer in a town. It will be a case of first come first served. The first order from a city will be promptly filled. Succeeding orders (if any) will necessarily be turned down and the remittance, of course, will be returned. It is also obvious that we cannot, on account of the cost of the drawings, furnish any large variety of cuts at the nominal prices quoted, and therefore can offer no substitute cut. The thing to do is to get your order in first, as it would not be fair to give the man who happens to get in his order early one month, a permanent advantage; we shall book no orders in advance. They must always specify the number of cut desired. If later on it develops that there is a great enough demand for these advertising cuts to warrant our furnishing a larger variety, we shall be glad to do so C. K. Co., Ltd.

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Our photographs are more than good photographs - they are true portraits, bringing out all that's best in character and individuality.

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"WE believe permanency is the Keystone of Photographic Success, and all brands of paper bearing our Trade-mark are manufactured on this principle. We hold our consumer's reputation and success identical with our own. We surround both with every safeguard known to chemical science and our own experience."

From A Nepera Print By J. E. Ralston Seattle, Wash.

From A Nepera Print By J. E. Ralston Seattle, Wash.

December 1909. Vol. 1. No. 10. The Awards, Professional Class, 1909 Kodak Advertising Contest

Our contention that better pictures for advertising purposes could be produced by means of photography than by any other artistic method has been still further justified by the result of the 1909 Kodak Advertising Contest.

It is gratifying to note the continued interest of competitors in former contests, and also the highly artistic work submitted by new-comers in the field.

We extend our thanks to the profession for the keen interest exhibited and for the highly successful results achieved.

The jury which passed on the work was highly competent, consisting of Mr. Rudolf Eieke-meyer, of Davis & Eickemeyer; Mr. A. F. Bradley, ex-president of P. A. A., of New York; Mr. Henry D. Wilson, Advertising Manager of "Cosmopolitan"; Mr. C. C. Vernam, General Manager of the Smith & Street Publications, and Mr. Walter R. Hine, vice-president and general manager of Frank Seaman Incorporated, one of the largest, if not the largest advertising agency in the United States. Mr. Frank R. Barrows, ex-president of the P. A. of A., was announced as one of the judges, but was unavoidably detained, Mr. Bradley acting in his place.

Pictures which were not awarded prizes are to be returned to their owners, but in this there will he a slight delay as we wish to go carefully through them for the further selection of pictures for purchase. During the winter we shall publish in booklet form a number of prints from among the prize winners, sending a copy to each contestant, and at that time will announce the terms of our 1910 competition.

The prize winners - Professional Class:

First prize, $500.00, William She-well Ellis, Philadelphia.

Second prize, $4-00.00, Percy De Gaston, Lincoln, Neb.

Third prize, $250.00, Mrs. Gertrude Kasebier, New York City.

Fourth prize, $150.00, Bruguiere & Eisen, San Francisco, Cal.

Fifth prize, $100.00, S. H. Lif-shey, Brooklyn, N. Y.