A man remarked to one of our representatives, "Your Company is talking a whole lot about tested chemicals; do you really test them or is that just a talking point?"

This remark demonstrated that we had at least set the man to thinking, even if not very deeply.

We admit in all frankness that we make every effort to produce or procure the very best chemicals to be had, primarily for our own interests.

We do test in the most modern and scientific manner every chemical that we use or sell - we have to. We test and re-test, not simply because we can obtain a few cents more per ounce or per pound, but because absolute purity and uniformity of the chemicals we use are necessary if we wish to keep you as customers.

We supply you with the best there is in plates and papers how long would their quality stand against competition if we did not provide you with the best possible chemicals with which to bring out results?

We not only have to test and re-test to provide you with "right" chemicals, but we have to make sure that you rightly see the necessity for using them. That is why we so often call your attention to this trade mark and why we display it prominently on every package of our chemical preparations. C. K. Tested Chemicals are for our mutual protection.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Herman Heyn Omaha, Neb.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Herman Heyn Omaha, Neb.

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Look Out For Him

"In purchasing goods or making any business arrangements we cannot be too cautious in assuring ourselves that the man with whom we are dealing is "on the square" or representing a reliable house, and most emphatically so, in cases ,where any advance payment is demanded.

We print herewith a letter from three of the profession in New England calling attention to the alleged shortcomings of a man giving the name of J. D. Watson.

October 12, 1909. Editor Studio Light, Rochester, N. Y. Dear Sir:

We are taking the liberty to ask you to notify the photographers through your valuable magazine. "Studio Light," to look out for a man giving the name of J. D. Watson.

He has been working the Folio game on the photographers in New Hampshire with pretty good success. He has failed in every instance to supply the folios as agreed, thus making it pretty expensive.

This fellow is light complexion, about five feet ten inches tall and weighs about 165 pounds, and has sandy mustache cut short.

He is a smooth talking chap look out for him.

We who have had the experience. J. M. Stevens, Rochester, N. H. W. H. Jenks, St. Johnsbury, Vt. Edw.v. A. Walcott, Barton, Vt.

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