The W. S. of the P. A. of A. is destined, we hope, to greatly further the interest and aims of the women in our profession. The benefit derived from the exchange of prints last year warrants the continuance of the arrangement as an important part of the season's progress - the members pledging themselves to send on to the next member, after a stated interval, the print they have themselves in turn received. Co-operation in this "Circle" is optional, but the interchange of ideas and technic is valuable. Our gift of observation can be cultivated, our ambition stimulated by being familiar with the art and originality in what is being done by our fellow-workers. We must assist individually to draw our federation into an organic whole, alive and vital in every part.

Mary Carnell, Pres. Women's Section, P. A. of A.

The purpose of our organization is: By co-operation to strengthen and develop the artistic, ethical and business side of our work - to practically demonstrate the value of exhibitions thoughtfully conducted, as a stimulus to study and effort to create opportunities for mutual criticisms and exchange of thought along these lines - to encourage the other women of our profession.

Gertrude Kasebier, Chairman of Eastern Section. 315 5th Ave., New York.

While woman's place in our profession is so thoroughly established and so universally accepted as an accomplished fact that it needs no separate section of the P. A. of A. to gain recognition, it is certain that great good can come from this movement.

Those of us who have exhibited prints in the past have asked no favors because we were women, nor hesitated to exhibit because our work was made a part of the general display. There is no doubt, however, that if at the next convention the Woman's Section makes a separate display, it will attract much greater attention because it is separate, thus calling specific attention to the fact that it is the work of woman, and so offering a comparison.

In entering into such a movement it is desirable that our exhibition be as complete and representative as possible. Therefore we are asking you to begin now to lay aside negatives which you consider worthy and that you continue to do this until next May. Then compare and cull these negatives till you are sure you have selected the best of them, and send three prints suitably framed for display.

We ask you to do this for the honor of the Women Photog-raphers of America.

Belle Johnson, Vice President. Monroe City, Mo.

To create a congenial feeling among the women of our great organization, and to give each an opportunity to advance. It will also give us prestige among our fellow-workmen as well as with our customers. An incentive to be the best.

Eola W. White, Chairman, Western Section.

As members of the P. A. of A. we feel an individual responsibility in being co-workers and contributors.

We do not consent to enjoy its privileges nor accept recognition as a mere courtesy. Our aim is to be fit and capable, and we stand on our own merits.

This should be an incentive to every woman photographer to keep pace with the progress of our profession, hence we ask the co-operation of all earnest women workers. There is an abundance of good material to be enlisted. {Catherine Jamieson, Chairman, Middle Section.

The benefit each one of us may expect to derive in co-operating with other women of our profession is obvious, as we can make more progress by interchange of work and thought.

We have made the membership fee fifty cents for the year, to cover postage, stationery, printing, or incidental expenses. This amount can be sent to me with your name and address. Also kindly state whether you wish to join the circle or simply become a member. Shall be most glad to give any further information. M. Estelle Jenkins, Sec. and Treas. Women's Federation P. A. of A., 432 N. Park Ave., Austin Sta., Chicago, 111.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Herman Heyn Omaha, Neb.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Herman Heyn Omaha, Neb.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Herman Heyn Omaha, Neb.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Herman Heyn Omaha, Neb.