With this issue the Eagle spreads its wings to cover the whole professional nest.

Devoted bird that it is, it still looks with greatest fondness at the largest, roundest and whitest egg - Aristo. But it is a big enough, strong enough and broad enough Eagle to foster the other eggs as well. It will do its duty by them.

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When the Aristo School, which was originally inaugurated to help the profession in the use of Arista and the Arista Lamp, came to its full growth, it became apparent that there were so many things of interest to the profession that - for the benefit of everybody concerned - its scope should be broadened. And so it became the Eastman School of Professional Photography, but Aristo still held and continues to hold the center of the stage - with the calcium light turned on to the full.

Likewise there is every reason why the Eagle should be also broadened in its scope. There are a thousand and one side lights that are of value to all of us, which can be thrown on studio work. We want to be helpful to you in your everyday work and to tell you monthly about the new goods and the new methods that are interesting from your standpoint and our own. Whenever we can pick up a good idea, an idea that will be helpful to you in broadening your business, we want to be able to give it to you. There's a mutuality in your business and ours. Whatever tends to the welfare of the one, tends also to the welfare of the other. And so we propose to broaden the scope of the Eagle until it covers the whole field of professional photography.

This by no means implies that there will be less attention paid to Aristo - it means simply that there will be more said about other matters that are of vital interest to you and to us.

And so, to be consistent, there is with this number a new title - a broader title that will, we hope, prove typical of the work that this journal is to accomplish: Studio Light And The Aristo Eagle.

Aristo Motto

"WE believe permanency is the Keystone of Photographic Success, and all brands of paper bearing our Trade-mark are manufactured on this principle. We hold our consumer's reputation and success identical with our own. We surround both with every safeguard known to chemical science and our own experience."

President William H. Taft.

President William H. Taft.

Copyright 1908, by Pack Bros.