Leave the studio in charge of the receptionist for a week? Certainly - if she is as sharp and business-like as the average, she is certainly competent to run your studio for a week in midsummer. No one to make sittings? No matter, just let her tell the prospective customers that you have gone to attend the National Photographers Convention, and will have all sorts of new ideas when you return, and they'll wait for you all right and be more than willing to.

"Haven't got time to attend conventions" - that doesn't deserve a reply. "Can't afford it" - yes, but you can: whatever you spend in attending the National this year will be returned to you many fold, in the shape of valuable ideas, rest, recreation, good fellowship and change of scene.

"Conventions don't do any good." Of course they don't, if you stay at home, or attend because you feel that you have to. Conventions do do good, and lots of it. to the man who attends determined to learn something, and to have a good time.

"You can't teach anybody anything." Yes you can, even if you have just graduated from your apprenticeship, you can march up to the biggest professional in the hall, give him a man's grip and a man's look straight in the face, and teach him a lesson of good fellowship that will quicken the pulse of any man a hundred dollars worth.

And the Nineteen-nine Convention is going to be a great one - this is not a prophecy, but a statement fully warranted, by plans already outlined, and being carried to fulfillment by men who know how.

The officers of the Association are men of many years experience in convention affairs, and are going to give you a convention that will be a record breaker.

Then stop a moment, and consider in what city the convention is to be held - in Rochester, the photographic center of the world.

Supposing the photographic manufacturers didn't intend to do anything special for you. and that would be a pretty bad guess, wouldn't it be worth any man's while just to visit the factories, and to learn how, and under what conditions the products so closely identified with your success are made?

Every moment of the convention is going to be of surpassing interest, from both the technical, business and social standpoint. You are going to see more of the profession than was ever before gathered together at one time, and you will be offered instruction and pleasure worth many times the money and time you expend in attending.