We plan to have every customer that enters our studio leave as many dollars as possible with us, and to that end we employ pleasant and tactful receptionists and do everything else possible to create a favorable impression and a desire for our work.

There are a number of ways of legitimately increasing the orders even after the work of the wizard (or wizardess) in the reception room is finished. A number of successful photographers make a practice of making one or more large negatives after the posing for the regular order has been completed. In some instances, however, the cost of the large plates for a purely speculative purpose is too great, and a less expensive means must be provided to promote the sale of the speculative order. A properly made enlargement from the best negative of the regular sitting will, in the majority of cases, find a ready sale with the regular order, but to sell, it must in every instance at least equal in quality the small pictures.

While Bromide paper will faithfully reproduce many of the qualities of the original negative, it will not in all instances prove suitable until more or less airbrush or hand crayon work has been applied. But there is a paper splendidly adapted to the purpose, and that will look and really possess quality all through.

Royal Nepera, either India Tint or pure white, will produce enlargements up to even sixteen by twenty, fully equalling and in many instances surpassing contact prints. Royal Nepera is as easy to work as the ordinary bromide paper, except that it requires a longer exposure, and this added length of exposure is an advantage, as it affords sufficient time to harmonize any inequalities in the negative, strengthening shadows, bringing out detail and other things dear to the heart of the expert printer.

When re-developed and treated with Nepera Waxing Solution, enlargements on Royal Nepera possess a quality and richness that make them more than easy sellers. If you have never taken up or considered enlarging as a means of easily increasing your profits, let us send you a copy of "Enlarging, a Booklet of Suggestion for the Professional." This booklet is written purely from the professional standpoint and takes up and describes in detail every part of the work, covering enlarging by both artificial and daylight, and by means of simple home-constructed apparatus as well as by the more elaborate and specially made instruments. The booklet also contains a number of invaluable suggestions for special effects in after treatment, and, of course, includes up-to-date formulae for every chemical process in enlarging. If you have-not already secured a copy of the booklet, write for it to-day, and, between us, plan to make those extra dollars.