To any one accustomed to throwing hot shot into the competitor's camp, Taprell, Loomis & Co.'s new fall supplement is a delight. Not only does the catalogue clearly illustrate and fully describe new and ahead of the minute stuff, but, way ahead of the stereotyped idea of a catalogue, this one affords selling plans that are bound to succeed if thoughtfully and fully carried out. Some of the plans demand the outlay of quite a little cash, others not as much as you would spend in ordinary publicity, but everyone of them a winner.

In a recent issue Ave described their new show card plan, it is new, timely and good - hundreds of the profession have taken advantage of it - have you?

Just to demonstrate the value of this new catalogue to you we reprint here two of its pages, showing two splendid ideas for more and better business.

Studio Advertising Albums offer the live photographer an opportunity of bringing his photographs to the direct attention of the best of the picture-loving and picture-buying public with the almost certain increase of business, prices and reputation as a first-class maker of portraits. It does not make any difference how large or small a city you are in, Studio Advertising Albums will be your best advance agent, your special solicitor, your silent but tireless employe. Studio Advertising Albums are made with ten leaves 11x16 inches, cloth covered covers with tissue separators between the leaves. You will notice they are made with grey covers and grey leaves for black and white prints in No. 1, and brown covers and brown leaves lor sepia prints in No. 2, and black covers and grey and brown leaves in No. 3. This last album for miscellaneous styles, including heavy or solid mounted prints in different sizes, and prints unmounted and on flexible cards.

Studio Advertising Album.

Studio Advertising Album.

The Scheme

You must have at least a half dozen to a dozen of these albums in your studio, filled in part or entirely with specimen prints of your skill. In your spare moments you write a neat business letter to prominent people in your city, to strangers visiting your city, and request a sitting, and with it send one of these albums by special messenger to the lady or gentleman you want to reach, stating you will call for it in a day or two. Do you. see the point? Do you see what a boom the constant use of a dozen or two of these albums will give your business? By watching the marriage, birth and society notices in the local columns of your papers you can keep before your public the fact of photographs better than you can, by any other method. We just give you the outline, only it can be handled in a hundred and one different ways and don't forget it can be worked with as proportionate telling effect in the small town as the large city, by the man who makes solid mounted styles in black and white tones as by the man who makes pictures on flexible cards only in sepia and black and white. Write us about them and ask the dealer.

Remember you can waste ten times the price of a dozen of these albums in newspaper advertising and printer's ink without one-eighth of the good results. WHY? Because they show what you hare for sale and the others do not.

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