Will Armstrong, Boston, Mass. H. A. Baird, Pittsburg, Pa. Baker Art Gallery, Columbus, O. F. R. Barrows, Boston, Mass. Howard D. Beach, Buffalo, N. Y. Benjamin Studio, Cincinnati, O. A. F. Bradley, New York, N. Y. W. O. Breckon, Pittsburg, Pa. N. Brock & Co., Asheville, N. C.

E. W. Brown, Beaver, Pa.

A. M. Camp, Jamestown, N. Y.

F. S. Clark, Detroit, Mich. Cole-Miller Studio, Danville, Pa. E. B. Core, New York, N. Y. Isaak DeVos, Chicago, 111.

E. E. Doty, Belding, Mich.

J. H. C. Evanoff, Salem, Mass.

B. J. Falk, New York, N. Y.

F. J. Feldman, El Paso, Texas. J. M. Field, Berlin, Wis.

J. H. Garo, Boston, Mass. J. E. Giffen, Wheeling, W. Va. Elias Goldensky, Philadelphia, Pa. Harris & Ewing, Washington, D. C. J. W. Hawes, Flushing, L. I.

C. Pierre Havens, Jacksonville, Fla. C. M. Hayes, Detroit, Mich. Charles W. Hearn, Boston, Mass. O. C. Henry, Pittsburg, Pa.

H. Hoffman, Philadelphia, Pa. Alfred Holden, Philadelphia, Pa. Walter Holiday, Durham, N. C. Geo. G. Holloway, Terre Haute, Ind. Homier & Clark, Richmond, Va. Dudley Hoyt, New York, N. Y. Meridith Janvier, Baltimore, Md. R. W. Johnson, Pittsburg, Pa. T. Kajiwara, St. Louis, Mo. J. Will Kellmer, Hazelton, Pa.

J. H. Kemp, Scranton, Pa. Joe Knaffl, Knoxville, Tenn. W. L. Koehne, Chicago, 111. C. E. Rough, Greensburg, Pa. Ben. Larrimer, Marion, Ind. S. H. Lifshey, Brooklyn, N. Y. W. S. Lively, McMinnville, Tenn. Milton Loryea, Spokane, Wash. Pirie MacDonald, New York, N. Y. F. W. Medlar, Spencer, Iowa. J. E. Mock, Rochester, N. Y. Carl Moon, Grand Canon, Mo. John Nicholson, Indianapolis, Ind. J. Geo. Nussbaumer, Buffalo, N. Y. Oscar Pach, New York, N. Y.

C. J. Parrot, Fort Wayne, Ind. W. H. Partridge, Boston, Mass. W. E. Perry, Allegheny, Pa. RylandW. Phillips, Philadelphia, Pa. A. T. Proctor, Huntington, W. Va. William H. Ran, Philadelphia, Pa. J. F. Rentschler, Ann Arbor, Mich. J. Ed. Rosch, St. Louis, Mo. Charles L. Rosevear, Toronto, Can.

D. Rosser, Pittsburg, Pa. John Sabine, Providence, R.I. J. B. Schriever, Scranton, Pa. William Shewed Ellis, Philadelphia, Pa. Smith-Currv Studio, Rochester, N. Y. D. D. Spellman, Detroit, Mich. Geo. Steckel, Los Angeles, Cal. S. L. Stien, Milwaukee, Wis. Ben. Strauss, Kansas City, Mo. J. C. Strauss, St. Louis, Mo. Thuss Bros., Nashville, Tenn. Joe Thibault, Fall River, Mass. D. P. Thompson, Kansas City, Mo. Geo. E. Tingley, Mystic, Conn. Will H. Towles, Washington, D. C. A. C. Townsend, Lincoln, Neb. C. J. VanDeventer, Decatur, 111. Geo. Van Norman, Springfield, Mass. W. Neal Waldon, Evansville, Ind. Wharton & Tyree, Raleigh, N. C. Young & Carl, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Women Exhibitors

Ella G. Ball, Lancaster, Pa. Mrs. Jessie Tarbox Beals, New York. Jeanne Bertrand, Boston, Mass. Mary Carnell, Philadelphia, Pa. Helen W. Clogston, Marietta, Ohio. Mrs. C. A. Donaldson, Wahpeton, N. Y. Julia H. Elton, Pitman, N. J. Mrs. Emma Estelle Francis, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. Walter Griffin New York. N. J. Hall, Brookline, Mass. Elizabeth Holden, Philadelphia, Pa. Katharine Jamison, Pittsburg, Pa. M. Estelle Jenkins, Chicago, 111. Belle Johnson, Monroe City, Mo. Frances B. Johnston, Washington, D. C. Mrs. Gertrude Kasebier, New York. Mary E. McGarvey, Bellefonte, Pa. Bessie Meiser, Richmond, Ind. Mrs. M. M. Morton, Lindsay, Ont. Rita B. Morris, Jackson, Mich. Blanche E. Reineke, Kansas City, Mo. Edith A. Ritenour, Uniontown, Pa. Mrs. Ella Saunders, Cleveland, O. Miss Small, Boston, Mass. Mrs. E. C. Standiford, Louisville, Ky. Mrs. Margaret Van Fleet, Detroit, Mich.

The following list of names represent the Professional Photographers' Society of Ohio. This society will exhibit collectively, they having agreed that each member shall send a given number of pictures.

C. S. Bateham, Norwalk.

R. B. Bellsmith, Cincinnati.

I. W. Bicken, Fostoria.

F. R. Bill, Cleveland.

W. A. Bishop, Sandusky.

A. L. Bowersox, Cleveland.

W. N. Brenner, Cincinnati.

L. A. Dozer, Bucyrus.

Geo. M. Edmondson, Cleveland.

K. G. Goddard, Lorain, C. L. Lewis, Toledo. G. Barr Marsh, Galica.

B. Frank Moore, Cleveland. J. W. Porter, Youngstown.

C. W. Scheide, Elyria.

J. S. Schneider, Columbus. F. M. Somers, Cincinnati. Geo. B. Sperry, Toledo. Fred J. Trost, Toledo. W. K. VanDeGrift, Piqua. W. E. VanLoo, Toledo. J. Zweifel, Dayton.

The above movement of this society is very gratifying just at this time, as it is in line with new departures to be discussed at Rochester. This idea demonstrates the value of sectional organization in assisting and promoting the interests of the national association. If in each State we had the organized support of a like society, much of the anxiety of the executive boards would be eliminated, and the results are incalculable that would accrue to the National as regards exhibits, attendance, and moral support.

The Canadian Photographers' Association is assembling a collection of photographs to represent Canada. Its members have established a new departure in convention work which is commendable, and offers an object-lesson well worth considering by other societies making collective exhibits. All pictures are to be sent to Toronto, and are there to be passed upon by a competent jury, and only such pictures as are up to a certain standard will be forwarded to Rochester.

If each State in the Union were making the same effort as our Canadian friends the magnitude of the exhibition would be greater and the quality better than can now be imagined by the best of us.

This Means You

How many photographers are there who are willing to aid in making this year's exhibition a representative one from the standpoint of professional photography?

All we ask is that you send from four to six pictures, such as please you and please the people you work for. While we request that pictures be put in passepartout or frames, yet it is not obligatory, and this question is left to the discretion of the exhibitor.

If you wish to add to the prestige of the Photographers' Association of America, and also sustain the efforts of its officers in gathering a fine collection of pictures for the education of its members, then send your application at once to Mr. A. T. Proctor, Huntington. W. Va., who will reserve space for you and enter your name in the catalogue list.

You need the convention: we need you. Let us all pull together for the Rochester convention. Fraternally yours, Frank R. Barrows.

President P. A. of A.

From An Angelo Sepia Platinum Print By Frank E. Dean Grand Junction, Colo.

From An Angelo Sepia Platinum Print By Frank E. Dean Grand Junction, Colo.